"Sphere" Wang Jun Solo Exhibition
City: Chengdu
Duration: 2018-03-10 ~ 2018-04-18
Address: South Square, Tiexiang Temple Riverfront, Shengbang Street, High-tech Development Zone, Chengdu
Participating Artist(s): Wang Jun

Wang Jun believes that it is the artist’s mission to create a force of deportations and rounding, to capture the uncertain but approachable “real core”. The "core" is wrapped in a sphere, and the artist's creation is to squeeze the sphere from all its aspects. Hence, the ball will roll, transfer and spin with the force of dragging, and it will show the different movements in the motion of the parabola. The Sphere’s movement makes the language of painting and the object of expression has always been full of tension. The sphere might never be pricked, but the chasing, the evasion, and the mutual oppression and the attraction between the sphere and the artist might be the core of the art, as the perpetual state for the artist. Wang Jun's practice of contemporary new paintings in the 21st century makes him explicitly sort out this intention, and turns it into a serialized way of organizing the painting languages.

In this solo exhibition, Wang Jun approaches and captures this sphere from different sides in three different series or methodologies, attempts to present the sphere more explicitly in a concerted manner.


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