"Fool's Gold" Feng Bingyi Solo Exhibition
City: Chengdu
Duration: 2018-03-10 ~ 2018-04-18
Address: South Square, Tiexiang Temple Riverfront, Shengbang Street, High-tech Development Zone, Chengdu
Participating Artist(s): Feng Bingyi

Feng Bingyi’s creation is constructing a world that belongs to herself with her great courage. She carries her faith, reason, and her groundbreaking view of the world to complete the creation for this exhibition, and this is only a small part of her long creative lead.

Feng Bingyi's exhibition choses the theme "Fool's Gold”, it is a copper mine whose weight and appearance are extremely close to the gold, has tricked many gold rushers. Its scientific name is “pyrite”. When people see what they have been always searching for, is actually in front of them, are they willing to be tricked by it? Even just for a moment of the visual satisfaction? Feng Bingyi's work is based on humanistic concerns, but is full of unexpected "logical collages" and "imagery jumps", all of which are just to make those unspeakable things look better and more sincere.


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[Editor] 张艳