Body Awareness
City: Shanghai
Duration: 2018-03-11 ~ 2018-04-22
Opening: 2018.03.11 / 5:00pm
Venue: MOCABS NW Space 2F
Address: MOCABS NW Space 2F & 3F,No.383 South Huangpi Road
Participating Artist(s): Hu Renyi、Liu Yi、Si Tu、Tang Dixin、Wu Houting、Xu Xinwu、Zheng Huan
Organizer: MOCABS NW

Exhibition preface

The body is the artifact of god and the energy body of wisdom, which is full of vitality. Body awareness is the same as the somatization, which is a universal characteristic of human life. The “body awareness” we understand is only the heart’s awareness of the body as the object, and the “awareness of somatization” is also included: the living body contacts directly with the world and experiences it in the world. These parts like inner self, the body awareness, and the awareness that you know are intimately connected. They are like three different systems of the awareness, working together to form a whole. They interact with each other in a circulation, becoming a whole.

This exhibition discusses the artists’ perception of the body of ego or alter ego from the external representation of the body. And it contacts with the external world through the awareness of the body to make the persons feel humorous, profound or even scared to feel and look back to their awareness and the world where they are.


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