"Yun·Ji" The Lacquer-Jade Works of Yin Jianguo and Xie Zhen
City: Guangzhou
Curator: Zhang Haihong、Li Tingchen
Academic Presider: Pi Daojian
Duration: 2018-02-08 ~ 2018-03-11
Opening: 2018.02.08,4:00 PM
Venue: 3M Gallery, Guangdong Museum
Address: No. 2 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District,
Participating Artist(s): Yin Jianguo、Xie Zhen
Host(s): Guangdong Museum Development Foundation、Guangzhou 33 Contemporary Art Center、Guangzhou Jumbo Co,ltd.

Speakers:Zhang Rong、Nie Fei、Wang Yu、Wu Keren、Zhu Jianyu、Min Junrong、Hu Bin、Yan Yong、Lian Xuyun

Auspicious and prosperous, at the arrival of Wuxu Lunar New Year, “Yun·Ji—The Lacquer-Jade Works of Yin Jianguo and Xie Zhen”, the exhibition co-organized by Guangdong Museum Development Foundation, Guangzhou Jumbo Co,ltd. and 33 Contemporary Art Center will be launched at the Gallery in the 3 M Floor of Guangdong Museum from Feb.8th to Mar.11th, 2018. “Yun” (雲) refers to the glow and flow of book container, while “Ji” (幾) means table, and the “·” should also be noted.

Beautiful jade and natural lacquer, enjoy a long history in China. The use of jade has been continuously lasting for over 8000 years, while the earliest lacquer ware first emerged in Hemudu Culture’s Neolithic site about 7000 years ago. As important physical embodiments of Chinese culture and two gorgeously integrate and independent art legacies passed down since ancient China, they have always been associated with Chinese royal families and aristocrats.

Mr. Yin Jianguo, a famous inheritor and artist of Suzhou jade carving, and Mr. Xie Zhen, an established Chinese lacquer artist, bring us creative works that perfectly combine jade and lacquer at the arrival of Wuxu Lunar New Year.

On the premise of fully respecting for traditions, techniques and aesthetic orientations, these two artists have abandoned the conventions of professional material-application, creatively combined jade and lacquer like no others and made these artistic mediums—incarnations of extreme beauty and vehicles of traditional Chinese techniques into jade-lacquer artworks that are really different from other traditional ones.

Study Series, Jade Ornaments Series, The Way of Incense Series, Beadwork and Objects Series, these series are magnificently beautiful, not to mention the marriage between jade and lacquer that delivers a weighty and ancient charm of traditional art and a sense of heritage, and simultaneously remains freshly contemporary and widely popular.

These jade-lacquer works of art, made by the hands of “Yun·Ji”, have been smartly and delicately conceived, given a charm as simple and elegant as time-honored antiques and produced by the skills almost perfect. The two different materials with unique artistic tastes have been cleverly combined into a ware, a unity of practicality and creativity, a manifestation of ingenuity and a demonstration of the delicate beauty in the live aesthetics of Chinese traditions.

Mr. Yin Jianguo’s works are exquisite and stable, greeting audience with an aura of ancient Chinese scholar, particularly his wares that are unornamented, in simple lines and perfect arcs. His works never repeat themselves, so each piece is unique.

Lacquer artist Xie Zhen, adept in interpreting traditional lacquer medium from new perspectives, has boldly challenged or even subverted the existing aesthetic judgment and introduced lacquer art into a spiritually significant world. His practice of abstraction carries the reflection on history and brings the poetic imagination about real life.

The two artists who pay tribute to the ancient Chinese artisans and strive to make the heritage aesthetics more substantial, have selected the appropriate and harmonious elements of traditional techniques, and conveyed the temperament and spirit of art through the marriage between lacquer and jade.

Pi Daojian, the well-known critic, Nie Fei, researcher of Hunan Museum, and Wang Yuan, associated researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences all spoke highly of these works and wrote reviews on them.

It’s hoped that this exhibition will bring a feast of lacquer and jade to Guangdong’s audience and art lovers.


[Editor] 张艳