"Calligraphy as Process" Group Exhibition
City: Brussels
Curator: Rosalie Fabre
Duration: 2018-02-02 ~ 2018-03-31
Opening: 1st of February, 6pm – 8pm.
Venue: Garage Cosmos
Address: Avenue des 7 Bonniers, 43,1180 - Brussels, Belgium

Artist:Nasrollah Afjei、Mirtha Dermisache、Christian Dotremont、Jean-Pierre Gillard、Gu Wenda、Brion Gysin、Isidore Isou、Rachid Koraïchi、Lee In、Lee Ufan、Qiu Zhijie、Qu Leilei、Roland Sabatier、Alain Satié、Takahashi Shohachiro、Keith Sonnier、Jacques Spacagna、Serge Vandercam & Charles Hossein Zenderoudi

Commissaire:Rosalie Fabre

Horaires d'ouverture:du vendredi au dimanche, 11:00 – 17:00

Vernissage:1er février, 18 – 20h. Performance de Qu Leilei, figure majeure de l'art contemporain Chinois, membre fondateur du groupe d'avant-garde Stars à la fin des années 1970.

Performance:Qu Leilei(one of China's leading contemporary artists, founding member of the avant-garde Stars group in the late 1970s.)

The exhibition brings together calligraphic works from different horizons, from East Asia to South America, by way of Belgium with artists Christian Dotremont and Serge Vandercam. Beyond cultural differences, one notices mental and visual affinities, no doubt the result of a shared modernity. The artists incorporate multiple signs, imagine pictorial languages without meaning and borrow aspects of semi- or non-legible writing. A new, expanded idea of calligraphy takes shape.


[Editor] 张艳