"The City, Janus-Faced" Anoli Perera Solo Exhibition
City: New Delhi
Duration: 2018-02-01 ~ 2018-03-01
Opening: 2018.2.1,6-9pm
Venue: Shrine Empire
Address: Shrine Empire,D 395, Defence Colony,New Delhi
Participating Artist(s): Anoli Perera

Anoli Perera’s recent body of works is a reflection of life in the megapolis. With the Roman god Janus — the two-faced god of the beginning and the end— as a metaphor for the schizophrenia of cities, the artist reflects on issues that plague the contemporary, from migrations to surveillance and the triumph of simulacra over lived realities. Ideas of growth and annihilation feed into each other in an endemic cycle. Then comes exodus, the expulsions and the quest for the next Megapolis.

"The Roman god Janus, a two-faced guardian of doorways represents in the same instance inflow and outflow, the past and the present, becoming and unbecoming, Being Janus-faced is an intricate expression of binaries, two opposites or two conditions. ‘The City, Janus-faced’ builds on this implication. The City, Janus- Faced presents, the located-the dislocated and the constructed-deconstructed. This is a curious act of seeing and showing, the self and the other, muffled together, in the veil of chequered progress, to celebrate and lament our hyper-urban existence, at once."

Anoli Perera

Anoli Perera was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1962. She took a degree in political science, economics and sociology at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka followed by a postgraduate diploma in International Affairs. She then lived in the USA between 1988 and 1992 where she followed ‘continuing art education programmes’ at Santa Barbara City College, California and art training in stone carving at the Artworks: The Visual Art School of Princeton for Continuing Education, New Jersey, USA. She has been practicing as a visual artist for over 25 years and has exhibited her art extensively. She has been part of the wave of artists in the 1990s who have professed a new ideological position in the art production in relation to the contemporary art knowledge and social context in Sri Lanka. Her work engages critically on thematic that range from women’s issues, history, myth to identity, colonialism and post-colonial anxieties. Her writings on contemporary Sri Lankan art have been published in number of publications including Art Asia Pacific (Australia), South Asia Journal for Culture (Sri Lanka), Frontline (India), Asian Art Archive (Hong Kong) and numerous art catalogs and books on Sri Lankan artists.

Anoli Perera is a co-founder and a director of the Theertha International Artists Collective, a progressive art initiative based in Colombo which maintains an experimental art space Red Dot Gallery. She currently lives and works in New Delhi, India.


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