"Fifty Moons" Group Exhibition
City: Hangzhou
Duration: 2018-01-19 ~ 2018-03-04
Opening: 2018.01.19,19:00
Venue: Van Art Space
Address: #3-108,Phoenix commune,167 Fenghuangshanjiao Road Uptown,Hangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Shaohan Cui、Jingjie Huang、Wenzhang Qi、Xinxun Ying、Aijun Yu、Ming Zhou

It is the great honor of Van Art Space to declare that “Fifty Moons”-a new year group exhibition will be presented on January 19,2018, at that time, the great works of artists Shaohan Cui, Jingjie Huang, Wenzhang Qi, Xinxun Ying, Aijun Yu, Ming Zhou will be exhibited. The material contains paper, oil painting, fibre ,video and photography , they are trying to explore the relevant logicality and relevance between drawing and painting, realism and abstraction as well as material and material, the visual diversity and the rich senses in contemporary art are reflected, therefore, how they discuss art from different ways is also presented. “Fifty Moons”is a photograph work of Shaohan Cui, by the theme, the aim is to deliver much possibilities like limitlessness, poetry and warmth from creativity. Under the era when people are extremely slow in the perception of experience, the six artists, to a certain extent, have activated the physical nature of thinking, the interaction of images and words, time and space, emotional appeal, etc. It can be said that there is a natural link between art and beauty, we are in great hope that contemporary art can help us get back the missing things in humane pursuit. Maybe their creation would drive and remind us of some kind of discomfort that we feel inside, but self-perception would be propelled by such discomfort, maybe this is the most important origin of “excarnation”. At the beginning of the new year, Van Art Space hopes to sort out and summarize the art direction it has been upholding by hosting such a exhibition. From these representative artists, to find the reason why Van Art Space and the artists continue to improve, strive and help mutually, in this way, the present and future of the art ecology can be reflected.

The exhibition lasts to March 4th.


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[Editor] 张艳