"Hubtopia" Sépànd Danesh Solo Exhibition
City: Paris
Duration: 2018-01-04 ~ 2018-02-24
Opening: Thursday, January 4 from 2 to 9 pm
Address: 29 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris
Participating Artist(s): Sépànd Danesh

Hubtopia, Sépànd Danesh's new exhibition at Backslash, is an increasingly in-depth exploration of what has become a favourite theme: the corner.

Sépànd Danesh's pictures, painted with great attention to detail, provide a trompe l'œil representation of two wall panels meeting as a corner. Faced with this corner, viewers have no other outlet than their imagination and the mental space proposed by the artist. This is a world of the mind, made up of hanging objects associated with images of literature and art history rooted in a dual French-Iranian culture.

Hubtopia, the exhibition's title, is a neologism that defines the corner as a place (from the Greek topos) where everything converges and everything originates (hub). The hub is defined as a switch for virtual or real connections which, in Sépànd Danesh's work, serves to concentrate ideas. The artist, having arrived in France at the age of 12, thinks that his fascination springs from the waiting room at Teheran airport. It was there that the young Sépànd watched hundreds of planes taking off and landing in a sort of dizzying whirlwind which took him off to a new continent where he had start again from scratch and overcome the language barrier.

The paintings feature motifs that transport viewers from the Renaissance to the disco era, from a pixelated Diego Velasquez homage to an accumulation of contemporary architectures overlooking a Lascaux cave. An array of different universes constituting an imagination ultra-connected to a multitude of influences, as though the artist's brain, his figurative language, the energy conveyed on the canvas, were continuing to capture the essence of an escape from the real world to an imaginary world. “I feel this state of suspension in the face of an escape from daily life when I put together my paintings. I use an accumulation of objects, sometimes chaotic, to translate this living character, this fragment of the unexpected that belonged to me when I arrived in France,” explains the artist.

Born in 1984, Sépànd Danesh has studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris and Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts. He was discovered at the Salon de Montrouge, and his work has since been shown at Mac/Val, FRACs Poitou-Charentes and PACA, the Marrakech Biennale and Vitrine am.


[Editor] 张艳

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