Alone in the High Tower:Commemorative Exhibition of Wang Guowei ’s 140 th Anniversary of Birth
City: Beijing
Duration: 2017-12-30 ~ 2018-05-04
Opening: December 30, 2017,10:00am
Venue: Exhibition Hall 4, Second Floor, Tsinghua University Art Museum
Address: Tsinghua University Art Museum, NO. 1, Tsinghua University Campus, Hai Dian District, Beijing

Chief Curator:Feng Yuan

Curator:Tan Shengguang、Du Pengfei

Curatorial Consultant:Liu Dong、Liu Shi、Fan Baolong、Jiang Yunzhong

Host:Tsinghua University Art Museum

CoHost:The Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning、Archives of Tsinghua University、Gallery of Tsinghua Univeristy History、Tsinghua University Library

Exhibition Profile

In 2017, coincided with the 140 th anniversary of Wang Guowei 's birth, Tsinghua University Art Museum, co-organising with The Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning, the Archives, the History Gallery, the Library of Tsinghua University, hosts Alone in the High Tower-Commemorative Exhibition of Wang Guowei 's 140 th Anniversary of Birth. The sentence of "Alone in the High Tower" is originally from Wang Guowei 's the Three Realms of Mind :“I climbed up the high tower alone and looked into the far end of the world”. It can not only be used as a metaphor for the accomplishments of the master, but also for his proud personality and the maverick style of acting.

Artist Profile

Wang Guowei (1877-1927), is a widely recognised academic master in Chinese modern history, and served as a mentor for Sinology in Tsinghua School Research Institute from 1925 to 1927.


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