Test·Infinte Plan 2018
City: Nan jing
Curator: Wang Qun
Duration: 2018-01-05 ~ 2018-01-14
Venue: FFA Contemporary Art Center
Address: No.103,Block12Villa,LongTingShuiAn,668LongMianDaDao,JiangNingDistrict,Nan jing
Participating Artist(s): Chen Guanglong、Li Yongguang、Xu Zhangwei、Zhao Wenliang
Host(s): Entrepreneur
Organizer: Artstide


Guy Debord wrote in "Landscape Society": the emergence of landscapes, accompanied by the separation of the world, the separation of real events and images. The landscape comes from the reprocessing of the real, and the perception of real events is unwittingly mixed into the contemplation of the landscape. The result of the separation of the world is that the part of the landscape conceals the fact, and imperceptibly takes the manufacturing landscape itself as a legitimate purpose and meaning. Picasso thinks that art is a lie that reveals truth.

We take the landscape and society as the theme of the exhibition, trying to show the subjective society through the small group exhibition. For example, they are located in the south of the Yangtze River, all of them express their subjective intentions from the view of the landscape. Chen Guanglong demonstrated the spirit from the oriental garden. Li Yongguang pulled out the symbol of life from the natural Vientiane. Xu Zhangwei liked to portray the city from the philosophical point of view. Zhao Wenliang had always constructed a world of hearts from traditional landscapes.


[Editor] 张艳

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