Under Cover- The Sixth Shanghai Duolun Youth Art Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Duration: 2017-12-24 ~ 2018-02-25
Opening: 3pm, 24th, December, 2017
Venue: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Participating Artist(s): Cai Yuanhe、Chen Mingda、Cui Shaohan、Du Rongkun、Fang Wei、Guo Yaguan、Guo Zhen、Han Xing、He Peili、He Yibo、Hu Xingyi、Ke Fu、Li Xiaoqiao、Li Yuansu、Li Zhuwei、Lu Lu、Ma Ke、Ren Lun、Shi Miaomiao、Song Yulin、Tang Guozhi、Yang Yang、You Ada、Yu Yang、Zhang Ruyu、Zheng Lizhen
Host(s): Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

Under Cover- The Sixth Shanghai Duolun Youth Art Exhibition is slated to open on 24th, December, 2017.The exhibition, featuring over 30 pieces of works of painting, installation, video and performance act from 26 artists, will be open to the public.

At the present time, the social life is much complex than that in the past ages. This is an era of information explosion, of value diversification, of globalization, of unparalleled material prosperity yet increasing problem complexity, of terrorism generalization bringing a challenge to humanism, and also an era of risks to energy and environmental security – each of these words could define our contemporary life from some side. Correspondingly, , we individuals are swept forward by the tide of this era and of the society and go on a journey to constantly seek for ourselves but often lose ourselves. In any way whatsoever, what accompanies each of us and gives us energy to go forward all the way is culture. Nevertheless, although culture is created by human beings, but it is not really controlled by us people, and its connotation is not as plain as the nose on your face. Instead, it belongs to various customs, language environments and systems, and hides in diversified people and their widely different life styles. If we do not reflect on the essence of various cultures, we would be likely to get lost and turn into “Culture Addicts”, but of which we are not aware.

At the present time when mass media, network and pop culture are making modern social life increasingly fragmented and flat, encroaching on the space of people’s spiritual life, constantly deconstructing authority and advocating sensory pleasure & consuming first, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art always keeps a watchful eye on trans-boundary experimental culture and frontier arts in the contemporary age and lays emphasis on profound and prospective works by young artists. Since 2004 when Shanghai Duolun Youth Art Exhibition was set up, Duolun has held exhibitions for five times to this day.

The Sixth “Under Cover” themed Shanghai Duolun Youth Art Exhibition, through exhibition works solicitation open to the public, received 1,000+ works from 700+ artists all over the country within one month, and, on the basis of preliminary deliberation by the Museum and review by expert judges, selected works by 26 artists to exhibit. These works refer to quite a few subjects including philosophical reflection, artistic language, comparative culturology, virtual reality, individual psychology and consciousness as well social problem, which, by the help of the acuteness of and via the unique perspective of their authors as artists, opens up a channel for us to culture, art and current realistic context, and inspires us to reflect ourselves, rethink the present situation and imagine the future. It is just the time for us to reveal the hidden and unrevealed “Under Cover”.

The exhibition will not end until 25th, February, 2018.


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