"The Second Space" The Contemporary New Media Art Exhibition
City: Xi'an
Curator: SAMAS
Duration: 2017-12-10 ~ 2018-02-10
Venue: H-SPACE(临时空间)
Address: 22nd Floor of Maike Center,Xi'an
Participating Artist(s): Cao Yuxi、Chen Haoyang、Gao Weigang、Jiang Bo、Tian Xiaolei、Wang Man、Wang Quan、Wang Yu、Xu Zhongmin、Ying Xinxun、Zhang Ying、Zheng Da、Zheng Lu、Zhou Wendou、Jessy Jetpacks、SAMAS
Host(s): Xi’an Maike Business Center Co.,Ltd.
Co-organization(s): ARTCARE Art Consultant Co.,Ltd.

There are various artists’ significant works in The Second Space—the Contemporary New Media Art Exhibition, including static installation, video installation, mechanical installation, comprehensive painting and other different forms of art. This makes art testable, explores the possibility of space, and studies the creation archetypes of multiple media channels. The exhibition meant to bring the cultural phenomenon that is influenced by new technology and media, to the public. So that the influence of new science, technology and media on the way human think and exist as well as its changes can be further thought. The works express different levels of the artists’ self-exploration through different forms, materials and concepts.

With rapid development of science and technology in the real world and continuous data accumulation, scientific and technological explosion comes into being and “the second space” has been mapped and built. The space exists in and depends on the real world, omnipresent and illusory; it relies on the material substance as a space where material substance does not exist. The space brings human possibility as well as crisis and indeterminacy.

With the formation of the second space, the artists could use the space to create more possibilities for profound and free artistic creation, and develop it into a means of self-concept expression, and through various ways to experiment creation approaches.


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