City: Hangzhou
Curator: Gu Zhenqing, Zhang Haitao
Duration: 2017-12-09 ~ 2018-01-09
Opening: 15:00, December 9th (Saturday), 2017
Venue: Liangzhu Culture and Art Center
Address: Liangzhu Culture Village, Yuhang District, Hangzhou
Host(s): Big Roof Culture
Co-organization(s): Cross-Media Art Institute of China Academy of Art, Experimental Art Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Li-space

Producer: Zhang Yan

Assistant Curator: Dong Jian, Li Jiaoni, Liu Yuan


Forum Time: 16:30 – 17:30, December 9th (Saturday), 2017

Moderator: Gu Zhenqing, Cao Kai

Forum Speakers: Torsten Zenas Burns/U.S.A., Alessandro Rolandi/Italy, Ariuntugs Tserenpil/Mongolia, Chun-Yi Chang/Taiwan, Ng Fong Chao, Noah/Macau, Leung Hok Bun Isaac/ Hong Kong, Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunai/Mongolia

Section 1: Chinese Moving Image

Artist: Pu Hua, Cang Xin, Chen Qiang, Fei Jun, Feng Feng, Guan Huaibin, Gao Shiqiang, Liu Shuming + Wang Shuai, Lu Tingting, Lu Shan, Miu Xiaochun, Qiu An’xiong, Shen Jie, Shen Chaofang, Shi Jinsong, Tan Tan, Tian Xiaolei, Tang Guanhua + Yu Bogong,Wu Chao, Wu Juehui, Wu Peng, Xu Tan, Yuan Xiaofang, Yang Chen, Yang Yongliang, Yi Lian, Zhang Xiaotao, Zhang Zhaoying, Zhong Su, UFO Group ( Wu Juehui, Rao Guangzhen, Wang Zhi’ang, Yi Zeng Hui Zi, Luo Hang, Lan Zhiyan, Shi Chuan)

Section 2: International Moving Image

Artist: Alessandro Rolandi / Italy, Ariuntugs Tserenpil /Mongolia, I-Chun Chen /Taiwan, Chen Wan-Jen /Taiwan, Enkhtaivan Ochirbat /Mongolia, Ho Tzu Nyen / Singapore, Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar /Mongolia, Luo He-Lin /Taiwan, Monika Czyzyk + Torsten Zenas Burns&Darrin Martin /U.S.A., Munkhjargal Jargalsaikhan /Mongolia, Wang Ya-hui /Taiwan, Ng Fong Chao, Noah /Macau, Yuan Goang-Ming /Taiwan, Chun-Yi Chang /Taiwan

Section 3: Remapping Hong Kong (Curated by the Chairman of Videotage Leung Hok Bun Isaac; all works are selected from Videotage Media Art Collection)

Artist: Ellen Pau, Jo Law, Choi Sai-ho, Linda Lai, CHAN Chui Hing Nose, MAP Office, Chilai Howard, Morgan Wong, Jamsen Law, LEUNG Chi-wo, FUNG Wai, Silas Fong, Jay Forster, Isaac Chong Wai

Section 4: “Five Senses”--Italy Magmart International Video Art Biennale 25 Awarded Art Exhibition

Artist: Erique Lacorbeille /Italy,Andreas Mare /Austria,Nara Denning /U.S.A.,Russell Chartier / U.S.A.,Sylvia Toy St. louis (aka Sylviatoyindustries) / U.S.A.,Silvia De Gennaro / Italy,Francesca Amati / Italy,Damon Mohl / U.S.A.,Antonello Matarazzo / Italy,Mohammed Harb / Palestine,Arya Sukapura Putra / Indonesia, Clara Aparicio / Great Britain, Steven Verstuyft / Belgium, Emre Onol / Turkey,Marc Neys (aka Swoon) / Belgium, Jaime Rodriguez (aka Jaime rguez) / Spain, Benna Gaean Maris (aka Benna) / Italy,Lelievre Lievre (aka Lievre) / France,Willehad Eilers (aka Waynehorse) / Netherland,Dimitri Fagbohoun / Benin, Lino Strangis / Italy, John Sanborn / U.S.A., Urszula Kluz-knopek (aka Adija) / Portland,Gérard Cairaschi / France,Danilo Rosini (A.K.A. Danilorosini images) / Italy

The Curatorial Method of Urban Nomadism

It is currently going through the all-time crisis of the dominating thinking image of global capitalism and the inertial thinking of political correctness. The culture conflict intensifies; the international Nationalism and Populism are raising their heads. The future of global economic development has become more and more whirling during the process of recession. While walking on the way of resisting the centralization and institutionalization of Europe and American culture, has China Contemporary Art constructed its own spirit and value? Also has it found its own methods of organizing and change while facing the difficulties of the recession of art market and the overstock of artworks?

Urban Nomadism is not just a brand new thinking mode of inpouring Nomadic spirit into modern world, and it’s more like a new curatorial practice to challenge of the thinking traditions, the Western centralism, in this international art society. As the economic development and culture prospering of several developing countries in recent years, the international art ecology is becoming more and more flattening posture of de-centralism, non-unification and non-hierarchy. However, the contradiction and conflicts are getting more and more severe between the decoding and re-coding, the delocalization and re-localization towards European and American mainstream culture. Urban Nomadism is doubtless another road to transcend and escape the traditional political texts. The features of space shifting and geographic transferring, which Urban Nomadism emphasizes, has helped the contemporary art acquiring its freedom to consecutively produce otherness, derived diversities, connectivity and inter-activities. The global art is not integrated, nor hierarchical under the context of Urban Nomadism. Instead, it is with planarity and boundlessness. The global art does not belong to one linear developing logical structure, but presents as the random connection and free galloping of individual artist, art communities and organizations from various places and different backgrounds. The global art is not evolving, Genealogical, easy to predict, but fluid, discrete, irregular and unpredictable. With the features of inter-connecting, heterogeneities mixing, multi-element developing, consecutively fissile and endless reproducing, Urban Nomadism is decomposing the concept structure and order based on the European and American traditional thinking. There is no subject nor object, no center nor boarder in the thinking picture of Urban Nomadism, instead, it comes with countless entrances and exits, and the factors, calibration results, the dimensions that decide the creation and flowing of art.

The dynamic state of Urban Nomadism is a system with no destination, no border, and no blocking. It does not dig the meanings, nor does it interpret meanings. It instead creates the meaning. What it presents is exactly the free will of art.

Gu Zhenqing


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