"Object" Li Baoxun Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Duration: 2017-12-10 ~ 2018-02-06
Opening: 2017.12.10 16:00
Address: Zuiku International Cultural Park of Chaochangdi Airport Service Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Li Baoxun

LAN Space is proud to announce the opening of Li Baoxun ’s solo-exhibition Object, which will be held on December 10, 2017. This exhibition, which runs until February,6,2018, will showcase the artist’s most recent artworks.

What constitutes matter (wu)? To the artist, matter refers to beings other than mankind, or things which are devoid of life force yet nonetheless are endowed with sentiment and aesthetics. Formidable creations typically originate in an opportune silence. Amid the daily hubbub, modern humans are spurred on by trivial matters. The past-present dichotomy of art lays bare the advancement or deterioration of form, as well as an indifference to or neglect of taste. Baoxun took notice of the importance of entrusting expressive faculties to “matter”. Matter as such should be granted a place on the avenue of mankind’s triumphs and celebrations, as a monument to moments of great happiness, rather than lure the sick and emaciated away from the path of mankind’s pain and affliction, idling away fleeting moments. Following his devout experience of “matter”, artist Li Baoxun wishes to convey his thoughts to the public. By means of his brushstrokes and color schemes, he taps into a sense of becoming one with the world.

Li BaoXun,Born in LiaoNing 1983,2003-2007: LUXUN ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, The Dept. of Print,Bachelor Degree. 2013-2016:LUXUN ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Waterborne Material Studio,Contemporary Watercolor Study,Master of Arts. 2017- : Teaching at Kede College of Capital Normal University. He recent exhibition:Object,LAN Space ,Beijing,China(2017);The 3rd National Youth Watercolor Exhibition,Shandong Art Museum,Jinan, China,China(2017); “XI’AN Invitation Exhibition of Watercolors & Pastels”XI'AN ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Xi'an China(2017); “Works created during France residing”,La Non-Maison, France Provence, France(2017);“Affective Space”, Author Gallery, Beijing, China(2017);“Paris Art Fair”, Grand Palais, Paris, France(2017);“CULTURED SPACES” Lan Space,Beijing, China(2017); Ended By Order- Li Baoxun Solo Art Works Exhibition, United Art Museum,Wuhan,China(2016);Look Over Here- Li Baoxun Solo Art Works Exhibition,Luxun Academy Of Fine Arts,Shenyang, China(2015);Bystander- Li Baoxun Solo Paper Art Works Exhibition,Xun Art Gallery,Beijing, China(2015); The Doubt Shadow - Li BaoXun Solo Exhibition,ON Gallery,Beijing, China(2015);Come In- Li BaoXun Paper Artworks Solo Exhibition, Author Gallery ,Beijing, China(2014).


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