Zhang Ding's Centennial Birth Exhibition
City: Beijing
Duration: 2017-10-15 ~ 2017-11-10
Opening: 2017-10-15 pm3:00

Venue:Tsinghua University Art Museum

Address:Tsinghua University Art Museum, NO.1, Tsinghua University Campus,Hai Dian District,Beijing

Sponsor:China Federation of Literary and Art Circles,Tsinghua University

Chief planning:Feng Yuan

Executive planning and writing:Du Dakai,Lu Xinhua

Exhibition design:Su Liqun,Cao Yanan

Organizer:Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University Art Museum

Academic Support Unit:The National Art Museum of China,The Palace Museum,National Museum of China,Chinese Artists Association,Chinese National Academy of Arts,Central Academy of Fine Arts,China National Academy of Painting,Beijing Fine Art Academy

Support Unit:Tsingshang Group

Participating Artist(s):Zhang Ding

Introduction to the exhibition:

2017 is the centennial birthday anniversary of Mr. Zhang Ding, a prominent revolutionary literary artist and art educator, who is the former dean of Central Academy of Arts and Design (now Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University). Mr. Zhang Ding is a firm successor to carry forward the outstanding Chinese traditional culture in contemporary China, a loyal architect of the red revolutionary culture, and a prominent practitioner of the socialist culture, representing the pioneer in the awakening, action and advocate of creation and development of contemporary Chinese culture.

To learn and inherit the spirit of Mr. Zhang Ding, Chinese Federation of Literary & Art Circles and Tsinghua University jointly sponsored the "Zhang Ding Centennial Birthday Exhibition", which is divided into seven units, including the historical photos of over 70 years of his artistic life and more than 200 pieces of his works such as comics, New Year pictures, propaganda poster, art and craft, film animation, art design, decorative painting, mural, color ink painting, coke ink landscape painting and calligraphy. The exhibition is a comprehensive picture of his outstanding achievements and contributions to the Chinese revolution and literary art in his life, looking back his lofty realm of dedication to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and showing his innovative spirit and charisma. This is for the purpose of paying a high respect to Zhang Ding’s centennial birthday.


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