"Re-Interpretation" A Study of Songzhuang’s Young Artists
City: Beijing
Curator: Jiang Xin、Ma Jian、Li Xiaoting
Duration: 2017-09-27 ~ 2017-10-15
Opening: September 271,10:00 AM
Venue: Floor 1 and Floor 2, Songzhuang Art Center
Host(s): Songzhuang Artists CCP Branch、Songzhuang Art Promotion Association

Artist:Bu Zhenjun、Chang Hengrui、Chen Haijun、Chen Jie、Chen Lin、Chen Linggang、Chen Yu、Chen Zifeng、Chunzi、Cui Chunlong、Deng Xinli、 Feng Lipeng、Guo Zhifeng、Hu Disheng、Jiang Junlei、Jiang Yan、Jiang Yousheng、Kong Weimeng、Kuang Yaming、Lei Gang、Li Huaxiang、Li Li、Li Mingyi、Li Nan、Li Weiming、Li Yan、Li Yongmin、Liao Mingming、Liu Guodong、Liu Guoyi、Liu Zhengxin、Liu Zhi、 Long Jinfeng、Lu Lin、Lu Yuanliang、 Niu Yuhe、 Pang Bin、Qin Siwei、 Ren Hongwei、 Shang Linqi、 Shen Zhenxia、Sun Kan、Su Zhe、Tang Guozhi、Tao Kankan、Tong Dazhuang、Wang Jianuo、Wang Le、Wang Xiaorong、Wang Yan、 Wang Ying、Wang Zhongyu、Wu Liangyan、Xia Shazhou、Xie Yi、Xu Ke、Xu Yanlong、Xu Zeya、Yan Lei、Yan Chao、Zhang Chaoji、Zhang Gang、Zhang Jianju、Zhang Liao、Zhang Liping、Zhang Peng、 Zhang Qinghui、Zhang Xiangming、Zhang Yifa、Zhao Yunfei、Zhi Zhi、Zhuang Weimei

Many artists have arrived in Songzhuang over the years and specific groups of artists have formed within the community. Young Songzhuang artists are an important part of this community, while also standing apart from existing groups. Old descriptions of the traits of young artists and the collective spirit that is currently coalescing cannot accurately characterize the current situation. The new era that these young artists confront changes with developments in social reality and global trends. This is also an era of over-interpretation and an era guided by a culture of consumption and entertainment.

On the occasion of the Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival, we have proposed an exhibition entitled “Re-Interpretation.” Through the works of these young artists, we hope to present a new visual landscape, allowing those of us who have followed the development of art in Songzhuang to reassess our past ideas. We are re-interpreting our attitudes toward young artists and our ways of looking at art. Re-interpretation is not simply interpretation itself; the fact that interpretation is happening again is key. Young artists are the future of art in Songzhuang, because they have undertaken the task of promoting art to society and bringing art into the daily life of the average person. As a result, we want to focus on the work of young Songzhuang artists with fresh eyes.

There are many young artists in Songzhuang, and they are often called the “latecomers” by the original Songzhuang artists. These young artists have impacted Songzhuang on the physical level by sharing materials, but they have also influenced the intellectual space of Songzhuang by sharing their ideas. Many exhibitions in China have studied the phenomenon of young artists, but there have been few such exhibitions on young artists in Songzhuang. With filling this gap in mind, we decided to organize this exhibition, so that we can re-interpret our own futures.


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[Editor] 张艳