"Marvelous Crafts Excelling Nature" International Handicraft Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Curator: Ma Lin
Academic Presider: Pan Lusheng
Duration: 2017-09-20 ~ 2017-10-20
Opening: 14:00, September 20, 2017
Forum Date: 2017.9.20,14:50-16:00
Venue: Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition
Address: No. 4788 Hutai Road, Shanghai
Host(s): Shanghai Folk Literature and Art Association、Baoshan District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV
Organizer: Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exhibition

Guiders:Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles、Baoshan District People’s Government

Supporters:Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts、Shanghai Arts & Crafts Association、Shanghai Arts & Crafts Research Institute、"Shanghai Arts & Crafts"Magazine、International Association of Papermakers and Paper Artists、AMANOSHIKKI CO., LTD、SHIBATA-SIKKI.CO., LTD

Forum theme:Beauty of Handicrafts, Life of Creation


Liu Boying(Chief of the Urban Industry Division and the Creative Design Division of Shanghai Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission)

Weng Jijun (Professor of Shanghai Art & Design Academy; Lacquer Artist)

Jin Hui (Professor of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts)

About Exhibition and Forum

Under the context of contemporary arts, the creation form and the form language of traditional handicrafts have changed, and the expression of art concepts has become an important part of a work along with the continuous breakthroughs in skills and techniques, which have fuzzed up the boundary between crafts and modern arts, and made handicrafts present more integrated forms. “Marvelous Crafts Excelling Nature” is the theme of the current exhibition and “lacquer art, paper art and jewelry design” will be the main exhibits, including over 100 works created by 67 artists from 19 countries and regions. These artists will show their attempt to transform handicrafts from traditional era to modern times from different perspectives.

In the lacquer art section, works are provided by Chinese contemporary lacquer artist Weng Jijun, and by two Japanese companies, Amano and SHIBATA-SIKKI. Weng Jijun has committed to combining traditional handicrafts with modern design and the works exhibited are created in recent years, including 3 parts – landscape, red and wares. The lacquer wares created by Japanese artists focus more on daily life and utility, thus better interpreting the relation between art and life.

In the paper art section, paper works by foreign paper artists recommended by IAPMA (International Association of Papermakers and Paper Artists) are exhibited. They have expressed the aesthetic feeling and art concept through “paper” materials and endowed the works with special connotation and impact, manifesting the beauty of paper works and showing the interpretation on their creation ideas and the understanding and elaboration on “paper” art of paper artists all over the world.

Works by Chinese and foreign jewelry artists and jewelry designers, as well as those of jewelry design companies, will be exhibited in the jewelry section. These works aim at showing the maximum likelihood of jewelry as a decoration for humans and emphasize the penetration and intercommunication and the materials and crafts, thus contributing to the diversity and extensity of jewelry design forms. Traditional handicrafts and contemporary ideas are to collide here and enrich the topics of contemporary jewelry development.

A forum themed on “Beauty of Handicrafts, Life of Creation” will be held during the exhibition and relevant experts will be invited to discuss the features and development trend of contemporary crafts design and to make a cross-boundary thinking on the relation between handicrafts and modern design and modern arts. The exhibition has received great support from Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Baoshan District People’s Government, Shanghai Folk Literature and Art Association and Baoshan District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV. Great thanks to you all.

Ma Lin (Curator)


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