"THE END OF PAINTING" Zhu Xiaohe Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Curator: He Guiyan
Duration: 2017-09-09 ~ 2017-10-08
Opening: 2017.9.9.16:00-18:00
Venue: ArtDepot
Address: 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road ,No.311

Producer:Serena Zhao

ArtistZhu Xiaohe

The world of painting is a utopia

Modernism hides in Zhu Xiaohe's painting. In his opinion, it is modernism to make the painting reborn and get rid of the stereotypes of the classical painting, abandoning the existing creative paradigm to liberate the space and the form, and ultimately to liberate the creative subject.

The works of Zhu do not deliberately pursue the so-called abstraction but obsessed with the embodiment of "line". He particularly loves these forms created by a variety of lines. The forms of operation are impossible to pre-design, so the process of interpretation by using lines to carry out the form is also the narrative process of work itself. This is a narrative style that completely different from that of the figurative painting. The picture of the painting does not have a specific image, so an obstacle is set up among readers for their interpretation about the picture. On the other hand, the operation of these lines is also different from the abstract of Western modernism. The existence of the lines has two functions at least in the Western classic abstract painting. Firstly, lines can bring changes in shape and rich the "content" of picture; more importantly, it accords with the concept of the modern painting which to regard line itself as the content of the work. Another function is that lines could be the structure of a picture and ultimately become an organic and complete "form - structure" system. However, in Zhu's works, the meaning of the works is derived from the uncertainty of the form. Because Zhu believes that the meaning of the picture will continue as long as the operation of the line is not over.


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