"SOMETIMES YOU LIVE TWICE" Clemens Wolf Solo Exhibition
City: Paris
Duration: 2017-09-09 ~ 2017-10-28
Opening: September 9 from 2 to 9 pm
Address: 29 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris
Participating Artist(s): Clemens Wolf

Backslash is delighted to present SOMETIMES YOU LIVE TWICE, Clemens Wolf's second solo exhibition at the gallery. The show features a selection of monumental pieces from the ”Parachute objects” series, made from old and dilapidated parachutes using an Arte Povera-style approach. The plastic-coated fabric, one of the Austrian artist's favourite materials, is ideal for playing with shapes and colours, turning the work into an astonishing landscape of folds and tucks that draw and disconcert the eye.

When we examine Clemens Wolf's obsessive and mysterious work, we realise that the surface of the pieces in this series, with its powerfully vivid palette, reveals a world that is almost organic. While the artist sees the fabric's contractions as a stylised representation of decomposition and decay, the resin he uses to hold the folds in place gives the works a distinctive glossy aspect and an intensity that is brought out by the delicacy of the coiled up parachute cords. 
The choice of such a lightweight and aerial object as the parachute conjures up the fundamental notion of gravity.

With this series of “Parachute Objects”, Clemens Wolf places great importance on the frontier between painting, sculpture and drawing, proposing a deep-reaching reflection on the meaning of the creative act and the status of the artwork. 
The artist produces an uncompromising multiplicity of versions in a series haunted by his own history (he is a passionate parachutist). His artistic approach is rooted in the quest for perfection and the absolute that rejects all forms of figurative or narrative projection. Similar to abstract expressionism, this series of works brings to mind the compulsive explorations of John Chamberlain and Jackson Pollock. The idea, endlessly multiplied, conveys the artist's acute sense of material and colour.

Clemens Wolf's work has been awarded several prizes in Austria and exhibited in many countries, including Germany, Switzerland, China, Israel and the USA. His works are featured in numerous public collections in Austria, including the prestigious Essl Museum in Vienna.


[Editor] 张艳