"Song of August" Chen Ming Solo Exhibition
City: Guangzhou
Curator: Kelvin Huang
Duration: 2017-08-12 ~ 2017-08-21
Opening: 3pm, Aug.12, 2017
Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery
Address: No.9, Xuguyuan Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Host(s): Kui Yuan Gallery

Artist:Chen Ming

My Deskmate

Chen Ming was my classmate from the Attached High School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and we used to share a desk together.

We were both accepted into the Attached High School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts at the age of fourteen. In the four years at school, we together took general education and specialized courses at the red teaching building in school. We have laid a solid foundation of professional skills on drawings, colors and quick sketches in order to reflect objects accurately. Through these basic trainings, we have not only grasped the skills and techniques of accurate compositions, but also experienced the inner beauty, the rules and the rhythm of expression. We are like sponges, constantly absorbing and learned a lot from books and catalogues. Since then, we began to have our own perspectives on arts gradually and started to take our first steps in our career.

In my memory, she always had high scores with watercolor still lives which reflect delicate variations of grayness. In her paintings, we not only feel her tender and sensitive heart but also one of fragile and sincere emotions. Indeed, her paintings where the secret garden hides is real. She is a good girl.

With time passing by, from fresh graduate of the Affiliated High School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts to a college faculty, she remains crazy about painting. As a female artist, she naturally connects her life and emotions with creative expressions by painting bottles, flowers, fruits, and human figures. She continuously conveys her confusion and surprises, her happiness and leisures.

Recently, our classmates have gotten together, when Chen Ming brought a selection of her new works from her study in France last year. After appreciating her new pieces, we all agreed that her style has changed the most among us. In her paintings, there are roads and trees in Southern Europe, cafe in the corner with blue and red lines coming through her passionate yet feminine brushstrokes. She is still the only one being more and more mature and creative.

I am proud of her!

I still cannot forget when we together have taken our most important step in that summer. And we are still on the road with fellow peers, chasing and living our dreams.

Lin Lan

Deputy Dean of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Vice Chairman of Guangdong Artists Association



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