"Green Getaways" Song He Solo Exhibition
City: Guangzhou
Curator: Li Tingchen
Duration: 2017-08-12 ~ 2017-09-13
Venue: Fan House生活艺术空间
Address: Fl. 1&2, East Podium Building, The Westin Pazhou, Guangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Song He


Sharing stories of emerging artists and exhibiting their works are truly fascinating experiences for both the audience and artists themselves. Comparing to established artists who have developed iconic styles and matured market and academic positions, young artists are still struggling to find their places in terms of lives and careers. As young artists continue to explore their artistic identities, solo exhibitions in different stages of careers often provide insight on their artistic perspectives in particular moment and context. Despite the somewhat immature or inconsistent imperfections, it is interesting to trace the evolving and changing states in their subject matters and styles, and to reflect back on us the shared memories of our youth and the very deeply moved emotions of our everyday experiences.

Looking into Song He’s paintings, eyes are immediately filled with nourished greens. It is a color of vitality, energy, harmony, nature, youth and so much more. On top of that, it possibly brings the most cheerful and enlightening visual sensations. The exhibition Green Getaways features a cohesive collection of over twenty oil paintings, all without exceptions are covered heavily in layers of greenness and painted with luxurious textures. Either heavy or light, desperate or hopeful, exhausted or energetic, He kindly attends to things around, values their very existences, and successfully gives off a sentimental vibe in between the realistic portrayal and abstract representations.

Unlike many of his young classmates who are eager to greet the exciting ventures in careers and society, Song maintains a relaxed yet steady routine of life style in Xiaozhou, where he has rented a studio and apartment after graduating from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Whenever he needs a break from painting, he goes for a run around Bio Island and takes a spiritual retreat to the greenest atmosphere. Again, he pays close attention to the trees, plants, and stone during the run, and imagines them to be remarkable companions. With constant appearances of green elements, Song offers sincere interpretation of the relationship between people and the environment, between individual and collective experience, and choices and understandings of different ways of life.

Song He’s series of green paintings are beyond highly unique and decorative qualities, yet it has demonstrated a young artist’s very initial approach to social thinking from his own stand. Living and observing with the greens have led Song He to find a gentle piece of mind in his heart as well as have revealed greater possibilities in art and life.

——Li Tingchen


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