"Furinkazan" Wang Chao Solo Exhibition
City: Shanghai
Duration: 2017-08-12 ~ 2017-08-31
Opening: 3:30 pm, 12th, August, 2017
Venue: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Address: 27 Duolun Road, Shanghai
Participating Artist(s): Wang Chao
Host(s): Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Co-organization(s): Hangzhou Green Arts、Rider Documentary

Furinkazan-Wang Chao’s Solo Exhibition will grandly launch in Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art on 3:30 pm, 12th, August. The exhibition will display more than 30 ink-wash paintings, installations and cartoon works created by artist Wang Chao. He expresses the collision and integration of nature and city, realm of Zen and industrial machinery in unique art language. The exhibition aims to combine art and public cycling projects and rouse people’s attention and feelings towards environment and humanity.

Wang Chao is an artist and a motorcyclist. Powerful、strong ink and ambient of black and white is his personal style of works .The creation of ink and wash has open pattern and the painting is pure. He expresses mechanical beauty through Chinese Ink, conveying the art of fighting spirit through water and ink. He works with humanistic concern and feelings. Each piece of work is illustrated by its unique absurd image language, causing people to think deeply.

This is a breakthrough in the traditional painting experiment, a head-on collision of the classical and contemporary culture . Art is the oldest language of mankind, Wang Chao’s works in the dense depressed city, the ancient vicissitudes of fossils, endangered animals all express his thinking about the phenomenon. Each stage of the works is branded with the traces of time. The motorcyclist catching the wind , dense jungle, burning birds, classical landscapes, as well as charcoal drawing animation, these are the traces of art, but also the traces of life. In this way, Wang Chao holds the brush, day in and day out.

The exhibition will be on display until August 31, 2017.


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[Editor] 张艳