"Time is stopping" Xiao Hua Solo Exhibition
City: Hangzhou
Duration: 2017-08-12 ~ 2017-10-08
Opening: 2017.08.12,20:00
Venue: Van Art Space
Address: #3-108,Phoenix commune,167 Fenghuangshanjiao Road Uptown,Hangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Xiao Hua

Hangzhou and Berlin are two cities very important for me. In 2013, when I left Chinesisch-Deutsche Kunstakademie in China Academy of Art and went to Berlin, I did not know what would happen there, what it meant to me or what would change me. They were largely different in styles, you know, western and eastern, but depressions could be smelted in the air of both of them. One was destroyed in World War II, its depression was a kind of grief faded by time; the other one was a birthplace of Chinese ancient sad poems, the breeze and drizzle plus the orioles singing in the willows brought the passerby a sense of depression, I also got such kind of sentimental impression, the scenes reminded me of life's helplessness and impermanence. My work is based on my observation on the world with my own perspective, it is also a dream of a simple world unrelated to my past but related to my experiences. It is an unrealistic fantasy against real life, and also a struggle against reality in my unreality, the textures of my work showed my efforts and resistances. I tried to get a simple and plain work of art without the need of written explanation, because I wanted to let every viewer to feel or understand on their own, and tried to avoid a fixed answer. I hoped my work can help you reveal the concealed part in your deepest mind.


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[Editor] 张艳