Li Yuduan Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Duration: 2017-07-29 ~ 2017-08-29
Opening: 2017.7.29(Sat)16:00
Venue: Triumph Gallery
Address: A-05, 798 Art District, No.2 Jiu xian qiao Road, Chao yang District, Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Li Yuduan

It's not about art

Although the world is full of hustle and bustle, but for me it has always been separated from me. I can’t remember when this phenomenon started. The only thing I remember clearly is that there is a thing called the confusion which has haunted me for a long time, limply but tightly. It, something soft, devours and digests your strength. As time passes, you will find that all your strength is as light as a feather. I know this is an impotent strength...... So, I chose to run away from this. I felt, as if, human world is sometimes familiar and sometimes unfamiliar with me, Running away is just a futile effort. More often I would like to stay with myself, in a silent space. For a while, I start to meditate and travel with my mind and spirit. Time and time again, I build a world of my day dream and I find that I am so far away with the hustle and bustle of real world…So numerous toughness and endless agitation wake up the whole spirit world, a self-activation and a happy and effortless life style, from one edge of the world, are quietly starting over......

——Li Yuduan


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