Garmented Sculptures by Li Zhanyang
City: Chongqing
Curator: Wang Lin
Duration: 2017-07-15 ~ 2017-08-15
Opening: 2017.7.15(Sat) 4:00pm
Venue: Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art
Address: F1-F2, The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, Bloc 3, Xinghui Liangjiang Art Business Center, Liangj
Participating Artist(s): Li Zhanyang
Organizer: Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art

Produced:Huang Zhonghua

Art Director:Yang Shu

This exhibition, titled Garmented Sculptures by Li Zhanyang, tempts to collectively present new works created by the artist in the recent years. The exhibition demonstrates his work in a fresh perspective and showcases the artist's development of ideas in this period. In his work, he displays the richness and colorfulness of the reality in a humorous manner.

As one of the few who studied the art of sculpture in all of the three art academies of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, he holds a great number of works of sculpture, and most of his works are scene sculptures. Rent Collection Yard series, which was created collectively by Li and teachers as well as students from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, can be regarded as the most representative works in the class of scene sculpture.Li Zhanyang is remarkably sensitive to the changes of the Chinese society, and he contemplates life by means of his work that reflects the reality in a manner filled with comic hyperbole and vulgarity,weather constructing consuming places or street views, history stories or private affairs in boudoirs,solemn ceremonies or casual gambling tables. Through his work, Li Zhanyang transforms all kinds of cultural attitudes and resources in secular life with theatricality and estrangement. While modeling of his art presents particularity resulted from parody and collage, exaggerated colors bring out bantering tones and vitality. For Li, it is the point where art mocks and revolts life when the audience start snickering, smirking, grinning, ridiculing or smiling bitterly.


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