"Astatic" Daniel Miller(USA) Liujian.Wang(PRC)Zouyu(PRC) Three Party Exhibition
City: Beijing
Duration: 2017-07-08 ~ 2017-07-22
Opening: 2017.7.8/pm:17:00—All night
Venue: Shangyuan Art Museum
Address: Shangyuan Art Museum A8, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Daniel Miller(USA)、Liujian.Wang(PRC)、Zouyu(PRC)
Host(s): Shangyuan Art Museum

Uncertainty seems to be a metaphor for what is going on in this era, and that uncertainty is the key to this possibility. Society has its own contradiction and self repair the problem into a self review, we will summarize the environment characteristics and the manifestation of reaction on the individual, this kind of performance is astatic. Its own traceability is the key to understanding this link, which is derived from the summary of the environment.

Social vulnerability and individual mistakes and their restrictive for the release of an undirected here, what we do may not necessarily wrong, but we are not for the sake of fame, wealth, power, or the status, if you are not popular or poverty or forgotten, our behavior is done for you, our work is for you.


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