"Beginnings" Ong Hwee Suan Solo Exhibition
City: Singapore
Duration: 2017-05-13 ~ 2017-05-20
Venue: Visual Arts Centre
Address: 10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green Singapore
Participating Artist(s): Ong Hwee Suan

Beginnings is a pottery exhibition in support of the Singapore Cancer Society and a celebration of renewal following a broken experience by ceramist Ong Hwee Suan.

Ms Ong Hwee Suan is a cancer survivor, and had three surgeries that stripped 174 lymph nodes from her, but while that is a permanent loss, she will be bringing all of them back in the exhibition "Beginnings". Suan took her inspiration from the the bean-shaped lymph node and it became the basic form for the collection of 174 creations that will be on display at "Beginnings", which are also symbolic of the loss and the blessings that resulted from her experience.

Come down and join Suan at "Beginnings" to toast to a fresh start after closure, and see the tribute to people – families, friends, doctors and nurses – who walk side-by-side with cancer patients.

"We have encountered brokenness in our lives. We have choices for surmounting setbacks. Some choose to stay in the brokenness; some simply stay in denial; yet others accept the fate and let light enter through the cracks – only to discover that following adversity, there is illuminating beauty."


[Editor] 张艳