"Memories washed ashore by time" Wang Min Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Duration: 2017-05-01 ~ 2017-06-09
Opening: 2017.05.01 16:00
Address: Zuiku lnternational Cultural Park of Caochangdi,Airport Service Road Chaoyang district.A5
Participating Artist(s): Wang Min

“Perceptible phenomena may be likened to waves, which are an expression of the deep-lying disturbances below the ocean surface, of which we know nothing.”

Gustave Le Bon - The Crowd: A Study of Popular Mind

Individuals are the imperceptibly puny froth atop the waves of society. They are incapable of resistance whenever economic billows come surging on. Whether it be our forward strides hastened by the paths beneath our feet, or the sea froth whose undulations are driven by time, all of these invariably lead to a single end point. The words “Home” and “Hotel” shed light on today’s dual living condition. People are in constant search of a homestead for the soul, yet in reality we find ourselves on the road most of the time.

On this stretch of ocean surface, people can’t help but flock together to keep warm. You, I and they are merely travelers who - to no avai - wish to grab onto the driftwood of life amid the sea of faces.

Wang Min, 1975 Born in Shanxi, Now working and living in Beijing. 1994-1998 Chinese painting bachelor degree of Central Academy of Fine Arts. 2003-2007 Fine Arts Master degree of HfbK Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. Her recent exhibition: Memories washed ashore by time”Lan space, Beijing (2017); “All things in silence as a mystery”MingTai space, Beijing, China(2016); “On the Way”,WHITE SPACEBEIJING, China(2016); “Memories washed Ashore by Time”, Artist in RES, Cadiz, Spain(2016); "Radiance of Imagination" Lan Space, Beijing, China(2015); "Now is Future" Kunstraum Villa Friede in Bonn, Germany(2015); "The Tree may prefer to keep Calm but the wind not subside" Artist residence in Itoshima ,Fukuoka Japan(2015).


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