"Unit Time X Kong Lingxin" Kong Lingxin Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Duration: 2017-04-21 ~ 2017-05-21
Opening: 16:00 - 18:00 12th Apri 2017
Venue: ArtDepot
Address: 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road ,No.311
Participating Artist(s): Kong Lingxin

Time is an unseen, untouchable and unlimited “Material”. We cannot understand the importance of the time we involved, we call it “Players always lost in the maze”. We review at the time point, when it became the past, then we realized how important it was. In the “Preface to Tengwang Pavilion”, Wang Bo from the Tang Dynasty wrote that: “The sunrise has past, the sunset is coming”, it means that years of time have past, but it is not late to cherish the future.

Time is a scaleplate, in physical definition it is a scalar, and also a name of unit. Via time, we can define the incident with the sequence of Past- Now- Future(Time Points), or measure the continuous incident period and interval(Time Period). Time is the fourth dimension, except the three-dimension of space. As a name of unit, the artist express the time via pencil as medium, in order to expound the constant oriental context. The ArtDepot will present the solo exhibition of Kong Lingxin, “Unit Time X Kong Lingxin” in 21nd APR 2017.

Time and space are not absolute on measuring, different gaugers would get the different results of time measuring, because of different relative velocity and space-time structure in those measurement points. Kong Linxin spent two months to complete one piece of artwork, painting has become a daily behavior such as eating and sleeping, it is not creating, but more like farming.I would rather say “Those artworks regurgitation-fed him in his farming”than “He created those artworks in his period of life”. Material exists with the time and space, so long as the material exists, the time has its significance.

Time is a conception of mental, human could arrange a sequence and compare those incidences via cooperating with space and digit.In another word, time is an artificial rule, in order to reflect the universe and the partition of material movement.

Kong Lingxin impressed a mark of “This Moment” in her paintings, the unit of time could be a second, a minute, an hour, and also a day, a month, a year. But eventually, the texture of pencil repeatedly streaked on the canvas has been retained on the painting, she used the simplest method to present the eternity of time, it has a kind of universality and common spirit.

From the character of painting, paintings via any kind of material could ceaselessly go deep, especially via pencil, the major relation of painting is continuously adjusting. The oriental context chases artistic conception, implication and metaphor, but the western context chases objective, material and phenomenon. Kong Lingxin used an unique viewpoint to present a general exists, an unit that every one owns, “Time”, which is so widespread that we all ignored its fleeting. From her painting language, we can see more about the “Sense of Space”of time expressed on her canvas—the unique reflection of the oriental context.

Liu Shan


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