"HK|Runway!" Project
City: Hong Kong
Duration: 2017-01-17 ~ 2017-01-22
Venue: Osage Hong Kong
Address: 4/F, 20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Event Dates:

Fashion as a Performance: 17.01.2017 (limited capacity, by invitation)

Fashion as a Business: 18.01.2017 – 19.01.2017 (limited capacity, RSVP)

Fashion as a Community: 20.01.2017 – 22.01.2017

Organised by Osage Art Foundation and Hong Kong Design Institute, HK|Runway! is a multidisciplinary project which experiments with alternative methodology to present fashion in an artistic, innovative and creative process. Under a multidisciplinary approach which juxtaposes fashion, design, art, architecture and technology, the accustomed way of displaying fashion will be challenged and the categorization of different arts will be morphed into something unforeseeable. In this project, fashion, as a multifaceted concept, will be interpreted by the three programmes artistically as a performance, practically as a business and socially as a community.


“Fashion as a Performance” with scenographic design installation by Tobias Gremmler, photogrammetry capture by Benny Woo, music curated by Giorgio Biancorosso and choreography by Nina Habulan Gelladuga and Proceso Seguismar Gelladuga II is an opening performance which incorporates mixed media and interactive projections to present the works of Hong Kong designers.

“Fashion as a Business” is a trade show which features creative booth design fused with artistic and architectural elements for a different fashion viewing experience, acting as a platform for young designers to meet trade buyers

“Fashion as a Community” is an open market which seeks to create a dialogue between the public and fashion designers as a way to foster a creative atmosphere within the community.

Anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) is the design curator and advisor of the project.

List of Participating Fashion Designers:

Ip Wai Ha, Kendra

Lai Yan Yuen, Jason

Leung Sui Ching, Debbie

Ng Pui Man, MM

Ng Yee Ping, Pim

Tai Tung, Edwina

Tsang Che Fung, Darren

Tse Siu Shan, Hill

Wong Ka Wai, Dorothy

Wong Kit Mei, Sky

List of Participating Dancers:

Amon Abcede

Chan Lee

Chloé Yates

Daniel John Domingo

Heidi Yu

Iroy Tadiosa Abesamis

Jamira Uding

Janesa De Guzman

Lisa Bergstrom

Reagan Cornelio

Sara Tang

Sophia Pan

Vonnie Chau

Wendell John Frando

Wong Pui Yi


[Editor] 张艳