"INVESTIGATION" Exhibition of Alëna Olasyuk, Ding Hao, Yu Yang
City: Beijing
Curator: Xu Qian、Zhang Xiao、Cheung Yan Chi
Duration: 2017-01-08 ~ 2017-02-26
Opening: January 8th, 2017 3pm
Venue: Cheng Center for Contemporary Art
Address: B01, 798 ArtZone, No.2 JiuxianqiaoRoad,ChaoyangDistrict, Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Alëna Olasyuk、Ding Hao、Yu Yang

Investigation came from The Book of Rites.The Great Learning: Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things.Things being investigated, knowledge became complete. This is a summery of the Chinese Confucian philosophy on how to understand the world. The Chinese word “Ge” has the meaning of study and investigation, it is the root of all creation, which exact the rigorous and almost demanding side of art creation.

The Ukrainian artist Alëna Olasyuk been studying in China for years, Olasyuk uses the traditional material of Chinese art history - ink. After breaking away from the influence of design and the constraint of pattern, Olasyuk return to the simpleness of lines and rigorous expression. The “Yin and Yang” of the oriental philosophy and “existence and non-existence” dualism of Buddhism became the theme of Olasyuk’s study by the numerous hand-painted lines and ink perfectly interact on paper. Ding Hao and Yu Yang have orthodox fine arts education background with their own style base on solid foundation of sculpting. Ding Hao’s works reflect the mutation by the massive amount of manual labor. Wood, bamboo and iron repeated in order, the visual imbalance and the solidity created a strong visual tension. In contrast, Yu Yang’s works hidden manual labor under the light flow form, lines break the plane, deliberately carved wooden folds and the use of skin color and pink color contains artist’s intentional randomness. The heaviness and hardness of wood was being polished and digested, reveal artist’s certainty after the day by day understanding of the material.

Investigation for knowledge, “Investigate to the extreme, all things contain the truth......the investigation of truth needs to be done to the extreme in order to reach the truth”, the creation of art is also the case!


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[Editor] 张艳