"TIME"Kui Yuan Gallery 5th Anniversary Exhibition
City: Guangzhou
Curator: Kelvin Huang
Duration: 2017-01-07 ~ 2017-02-21
Opening: 2017.01.07 15:00
Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery
Address: No.9, Xuguyuan Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Participating Artist(s): Lin Lan、Qi Zhe、Wei Lu、Wan Xiaoning、Zhi Min
Host(s): Kui Yuan Gallery


Time flies. Five years have passed since Kui Yuan Gallery hosted its very first exhibition, and today we all come together to celebrate this extraordinary occasion. Since its establishment, Kui Yuan Gallery has worked with nearly one hundred artists in organizing over sixty art exhibitions and activities. For the past five years, thanks to all the support from fellow friends, artists, and art lovers, Kui Yuan Gallery has faced up to difficulties and challenges, and has made them the finest moments of its accomplishments. It is also because of all the generous friendships and warm support, Kui Yuan Gallery keeps moving forward on its journey of art and proudly presents the 5th anniversary exhibition.

The exhibition celebrates this special occasion with rich and colorful artistic mediums of ink, printmaking, mineral colors, paper-cuts, and watercolors. The five artists invited to participate in this exhibition have all demonstrated their profound influences in the academic art field, and by juxtaposing their distinct artworks with each other, the display has created the effect of integration, intensity, and contrast. It is the intense yet harmonious collision of artistic practices that brings the audience insightful understandings and original interpretations. Meanwhile, a comprehensive presentation of unique artistic approaches and creative thinking is able to convey the characteristics and mutual integrations of individual cultural and artistic fields.

Lin Lan’s works are simple and concise, full of freshness and vibrancy. She is able to portray the most beautiful scenes with delicate outlines on gold leaves and repeating rendering of colors, which presents a new realm of modern ink art, modest yet elegant. Qi Zhe’s woodblock prints employ various techniques such as reverse color printing and monotype. Qi creates visual impressions of original structures, exquisite imageries, and rich layers, and his use of powerful lines and steady tones accurately conveys the accumulated cultural spirit and the modern day sympathetic emotions. Wan Xiaoning insists on emphasizing the inherent logics in her creation, and she takes excellent control of the overall palette. Wan’s strongly distinct color relations, outstanding heavy coloring, and the unique quality of “mineral” visual textures inevitably contribute to gorgeous appearances that are refined yet splendid, saturate yet transparent. Wei Lu has dedicated her art career to paper-cuts for over thirty years. Standing in front of her free flowing style of artworks, it is stunning to realize her persistent search of the dark, sharp, mysterious, and feminine self, through which she illustrates her interpretation of life’s eternity and glory. Zhi Min’s recent works have demonstrated his reflection upon nature and traditional Eastern culture. Regardless of sculpture or painting, his artworks always seek to show the balance not only between men themselves, but also among all things in the world. Zhi’s watercolors in this exhibition therefore reveal Zhi’s sympathetic, elegant, and keen observation of life.

Art embodies the essence of cultural values: it takes a poetic and philosophical approach to present artists’ understanding of life, and it rises above the restriction of mediums for greater spiritual experiences. The exhibiting artists have shown their devotion and persistence for art, their efforts in carrying on the legacy and creativity of culture, their admiration and pursuit of beauty, and their comprehension and respect of life. These are the ideals and beliefs that Kui Yuan Gallery cherishes very much, and wishes to succeed the past and sustain the hope of the future.

In precious times, we hold dear to our heart the warm memories, draft a poem of unforgettable time, and move towards our promising journey of art. Occasionally, we take a moment to gaze back, and always remember the first dream.

Curator: Kelvin Huang



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