"Dissection"VHILS Solo Exhibition
City: Lisbon
Duration: 2014-07-05 ~ 2014-10-05
Opening: july 4,2014 19:00-22:00
Venue: Electricity Museum
Address: 78, rue Amelot , Paris 11, France
Participating Artist(s): VHILS
Host(s): Electricity Museum

On the occasion of his new solo show intilted Dissection at The Museum of Electricity in Lisbon from July 5 to October 5, 2014, Vhils is directly inspired by his native country, collecting materials on the campus of the museum and in the streets of the capital.

Honoring his country of origin, the artist calls and asks everyday in his work the collective memory of a city. For this exhibition, he directly create on-site exhibits outside and inside the museum always with the idea to trace the history of the inhabitants of the city.


[Editor] 刘建兰