"Oh, My Homeland" Marrakech Biennale - Shanghai Himalayas Museum Pavilion
City: Marrakech
Curator: Wong Shun-Kit, Dr. Jasmin Gong
Duration: 2014-02-28 ~ 2014-03-31
Opening: February 28, 2014 11:00-13:00
Venue: Marrakech Museum
Address: Place Ben Youssef, Marrakech-Médina, Morocco
Participating Artist(s): Yuan Shun, Wang Nanming, Ni Weihua,Wang Jiuliang
Host(s): Himalayas Museum Pavilion

Deputy curator: Sun Peng

Project coordinator: Li Lu’e

Man and his homeland are intricately connected historically and culturally.

A man is as much an individual as a member of family, group and society. And homeland with its rich cultural and historical connotation is at the core of this massive relation network.

During the rapid process of urbanization in China, its nature and land are under dramatic re-planning and re-allocation. Homeland as the platform for people to live and produce is transformed into some kind of commodity. Those who lost their land are forced to leave the place they are most familiar with and start over somewhere brand new and strange to them. The loss of homeland leads to the loss of diverse lifestyles and different local cultures. The massive deprivation of homeland would eventually impose environmental and cultural crises upon men themselves.

“Oh, My Homeland” intends to cast light on Chinese artists’ reflection upon the social evolution in the contemporary context. A variety of topics, including land and food, environment and water, real estate development and ordinary people’s life, and the past and future of land use and human history, are to be discussed at the exhibition. Each of the participating artists presents their insight from a different perspective and through their own way of artistic writing.

No homeland is an island. Each is an indispensable part of the global village. Hence, the discussion about homeland is by no means a local or regional issue. In this regard, Shanghai Himalayas Museum presents “Oh, My Homeland” at our debut at the Marrakech Biennale in the hope to not only present a prominent direction of the practice within Chinese contemporary art scene but also further the discussion on a global level.

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