RETROSPECTIVE NOW — Photographic Exhibition by Zhang Jun
City: RETROSPECTIVE NOW — Photographic Exhibition by Zhang Jun
Curator: Lv Peng
Duration: 2014-01-19 ~ 2014-03-30
Opening: 4:00 pm, January 19th, 2014
Venue: No.1 New Hall, Blue Roof Museum
Participating Artist(s): Zhang Jun
Host(s): Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu
Co-organization(s): Chengdu Zehongjiarui Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Writer: Zhou Chunya,Zhai Yongming,Zhang Xiaogang,Liu Jiakun

Retrospective Now

Lv Peng

  Photographers are used to recording moments of scenery and figures through shutter. Zhang Jun is no exception. His works, however, are different from others in that they can remind us of old times. Through his techniques, he manages to make his photos antique even though they were taken a moment ago.

  The stories in his works, if real, are set in different scenes, like wildness, small towns, churches, teahouses, Chengdu, Toledo, Arles etc. Everything in his works, not only the people but also a chair or traces on the wall, speaks to us about comfortable and sometimes melancholy stories.

  Photo is narration about presence, whether static or dynamic. He wants to reveal such truth to us. His real intention might not be demonstration of what he sees for this moment. He tries to compose a story or scenario by combining those figures and people, inspired by experiences. The result is that a true inner world is established with all experiences and spiritual activities. Friends, scenery and stories in Zhang Jun’s works are what he wants them to be like. Therefore, what we see is not the things that just happened; it is things that happened a long time ago. These photos, though just taken, reflect yesterdays.

  Zhang Jun’s Biography

  1962 Born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

  1982 Graduated from Chengdu Army School.

  1992 Graduated from Chinese Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

  Now live in Chengdu.

  Major Exhibition:

  1987 Participated in 1st Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition (Shang Hai).

  1992 Participated in 1st Guangzhou 1990s Art Biennale (Guangzhou), ect.


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