Connecting Art and Society in Braille——20 Years of Sculpture Works by Li Xiuqin
City: Shanghai
Curator: Wang Nanming
Academic Presider: Ma Lin
Duration: 2014-01-08 ~ 2014-04-15
Opening: 3:50pm, Jan 8, 2014
Venue: Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition
Address: No. 4788 Hutai Road, Baoshan, Shanghai
Host(s): Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition

 Li Xiuqin is a famous female contemporary sculptor. Over the past 20 years, she has created large numbers of sculptures and braille is the main thread of her creation. Since her braille work, the Concavo-convex Series in 1993, Li Xiuqin has kept using braille to change the language and the spatial relation of the sculpture and applying different materials, such as braille papers, bronze, stone, and steel bar. And the concavo-convex presented in her works are just the amplification of some braille. Meanwhile, at the beginning of her braille work, Li Xiuqin has added some on-site interaction. These works originate from braille and also connect the touch of blind children. At her solo exhibition Touching the Concave-convex in 1993, Li Xiuqin invited some blind children to let them touch the sculptured braille and feel the power of art. The children attending the solo exhibition then have now grown up and Li Xiuqin recently found nine of those ten children (one committed suicide and passed away) attending the exhibition in 1993. It is the art that has stimulated the potency of some of the blind people.

  This exhibition is another special exhibition of art history organized by the Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition after the The Early Abstract Art in Shanghai: Retrospective of Art History. It includes four parts. The first part is the image records of the blind persons made by Li Xiuqin several years ago, the photos and videos of Liu Xiuqin in looking for and interviewing these blind persons recently, and the sculptures made by blind persons; the second part is the review of her exhibition the Touching the Concavo-convex in 1993; the third part is the sculptures and large-scale installation works newly created by Li Xiuqin exhibited at the largest exhibition hall of the first floor; and the fourth part is the exhibition of her Braille work Live at the outdoor lawn of the Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition.

  This exhibition is both a display of the Braille Series works of a sculptor over the past 20 years and also a public benefit activity. It will include the exchanges on such fields as the sociology and the science, and the sculptures and exhibitions of her works have realized the establishment of an interdisciplinary space with vision, touch, and social behaviors.

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