vibrARTion - Sculptures by Wang Xinggang
Curator: Michael Suh,Natalie Blair
Academic Presider: Peng Feng
Duration: 2013-12-12 ~ 2014-02-12
Opening: 12 December 2013, Thursday, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Beijing
Address: 48 Liang MA Qiao Road, 100125, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Host(s): Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

Sponsor:Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

  The second session of the vibrARTion in Four Seasons program features the Chasing and Prescription series by young sculptor Wang Xinggang.

  Born in the early 1970’s, an era of change in Chinese society, Wang Xinggang focuses his artistic attentions on the effects of rapid urbanization of his native China. “Chasing” series is a theme Wang has explored in the last ten years. It is his personal response to contemporary Chinese society and the loss of individuality between the pressures of work and personal space as urbanization has taken over.Prescription is Wang’s latest works produced from 2011 onward. In this series, Wang used finely crafted rosewood and acrylic to make the forms of worker, farmer, businessman, scholar, soldier and official, each of which has carved in it empty drawers which can be pulled out. Such treatment of space is quite uncommon in contemporary sculpture. What do the empty drawers imply? Why has he carved out drawers in the human body rather than something else? And given that he has taken the effort to sculpt out the drawers, why doesn't he put anything inside? It turns out that we can indeed find a measure of Zen in these empty drawers, whereupon, we understand that we are in need not of medicine, but of enlightenment; a change of attitude rather than a change in our material world. In this respect, Wang Xinggang's empty drawers are reminiscent of a Buddhist master guiding us along the path to enlightenment.


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