"Human-Animal"Sculpture Exhibition by Wei Tian Yu
Curator: Pan Shouzhi
Duration: 2013-11-23 ~ 2013-12-22
Opening: 2013.11.23 15:00
Venue: Tokyo Pan Gallery
Address: 3F,Bldg 1,50 Moganshan Rd,Shanghai
Participating Artist(s): Wei Tian Yu
Host(s): Tokyo Pan Gallery

  Wei Tian Yu is a contemporary artist and sculptor.

  It is the first time that Tokyo Pan Gallery hold artist Wei Tian Yu’ M50 art exhibition. The exhibition will begin on 22nd Nov. and to be continued until 23nd Dec.2013.

  Wei Tian Yu is a native of Shanghai. He had decided to go to Hangzhou to learn art in his early life, and then enjoyed himself in the art palace. In 1982 he graduated from the Sculpture Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, at 1988 he got Master degree in Sculpture from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.He choosed to stay and teach in acadamy after graduation.

  He leaved the United States where he lived ten years from 1991 for hometown Shanghai,which got his next ten-years’ art career started.He was hired as the vice president of China Academy of Art Shanghai Design Institute in 2003 after he back to China.In 2012,he was hired as director of Department of Fine Arts in East China Normal University and the doctor tutor in Public art at Royal Australian Institute.

  Wei Tian Yu planned the project of sculptural landscape along the Yangtze river in Shanghai World Expo Park from 2008 to 2010, in which he created the "city image" sculpture work that contained his rich thoughts and feelings, and he focued on the continuity of problem in some aspects. At the same time, he had been very concerned about the national spirit and traditional elements.

  His recent works: 2004, , “Made in China--Shanghai Spring Art Salon”, Shanghai; 2004 ,, “Chinese:imagination”,Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Sculpture, closing ceremony of the Sino-French Culture Year , Paris; 2010,,Shanghai World Expo Park; 2011,,“gateway”,Chinese history the Australian Museum, Melbourne.


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