Heaven——A Solo Exhibition of Qiu Guangping
Curator: Wu Hong
Academic Presider: Yang Xiaoyan
Duration: 2013-09-06 ~ 2013-10-07
Opening: 3.pm. September 6th. 2013
Venue: Gallery5,6,7,8,9 second Floor,Guangdong Art Museum
Address: #38 Yanyu Road,Ershadao,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou,Canton Province,P.R.C
Participating Artist(s): Qiu Guangping
Host(s): Guangdong Museum of Art

Chairman of the 4th Guangzhou Triennial :Luo Yiping

Symposium:September 7th,2013

  4th Guangzhou Triennial Special Project

Nine Chapters on "Heaven" Discussing the Graphic Expression of Utopia and Dystopia

Wu Hong ( Curator )

  Among the art circle in Chengdu, Qiu Guangping is usually addressed jokingly as “Marx-Qiu”. Qiu earned such a nickname as his beard looks exactly like Karl Marx’s and he does like to be called this way. It’s probably because, I guess, it in a way demonstrates others’ affirmation and appreciation of his masculinity, since beard is closely associated with gender characteristic. On the other hand, the temperament contained in the name “Marx” echoes with what Qiu seeks to pursue through his works. In a most sensitive way, he grasps and makes use of it, thus creating two pieces both named “Marx’s Carriage”. This is where we begin our journey to explore the subject matter of heaven. (Marx in Chinese pronunciation shares the same first sound ”Ma” with the horse, which is Qiu’s favorite subject in his paintings. That’s why Qiu’s nickname, “Marx-Qiu”, has double meaning)


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