"Sakya"Zhang Xiaotao's Solo Exhibition
City: Beijing
Curator: Cecilia Freschini
Duration: 2011-08-20 ~ 2011-10-10
Venue: WhiteBox Museum
Address: Dashanzi/798 Art District, B07, 2 Jiauxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District,Beijing
Participating Artist(s): Zhang Xiaotao

  The Sakya project is a fusion of Tibetology, Tibetan Buddhism, archaeology, digital technology and new media language. The project comprises two parts, a documentary and an animated film.

  The Sakya is a cross-media visual cultural research project that had started in 2007 from the above-mentioned fundamentals. This work looks especially at the issue of the secularization of religion from the intersection of Tibetology, archaeology, anthropology, Tibetan Buddhism, regional politics and other fields as digital technology science and biology. Here, Zhang touches on new fields of study and he takes on the complex challenge thanks to a strong motivation that actually comes from the Buddhist influence in his life. "Childhood influence is a seed, and when you grow up, it will surely flower and produce fruit." He said. With Sakya animation, Zhang Xiaotao analyses the paradox between the transcendental matter and the materialized reality, bringing the vast religious state of Tibetan Buddhism to compare it with today's materialism culture.


[Editor] 朱嘉鸿