Zhang Jian
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1968 Born in Beijing, China

1993 Bachelor of Arts from the Fresco Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Pi Li, , in Zhang Jian

Pi Li,

Wu Hong, < Between Reality and Illusion >

Yi Ying, < Dust-laden Memory> in Zhang Jian

Yi Ying, < Flowing Along with Life: A Discussion of Zhang Jian's Painting>

Zhao Li, < From "Solidified" to "Overflowing">

Solo Exhibitions

2007 “The Reality of History – Zhang Jian – Work from 1994-2007”, Shanghai Art Museum / Guangdong Art Museum, China

2006 “Tian’anmen”, Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie, Essen, Germany

“Chang’anjie”, Gana Art Gallery, Korea, Seoul

2005 “This Moment” Zhang Jian Solo Exhibition, Beijing Cubic Art Centre

“One Day in Hamburg and Beijing”, Frise, Hamburg, Germany

“Zhang Jian – Solo Exhibition”, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 “Some Day”, Chinablue Gallery, Beijing, China

2003 “Early Spring” Zhang Jian Solo Exhibition, Yi’an Arts, Shanghai, China

2001 “Beauty and Sorrow”, Spring and Summer Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing, China

1996 “Zhang Jian” Art Exhibition, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2007 “Rockers Island – Work from the Olbricht Collection”, Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany

2004 “Appropriation and Pastiche: Paintings, Photographs and Video from China”, Parma, Italy

2003 “Body and Face”, Tai Kang Top Space, Beijing, China / Chelsea Gallery, Shanghai and Hong Kong

“New Generation and Post-Revolution”, Yanhuang Gallery, Beijing, China

2002 “Art Summer”, Yanhuang Gallery, Beijing, China

“You Talk You Say”, International Art Exhibition, Guangzhou, China

2001 “Dialogue - China Contemporary Arts Exhibition”, Paravado Youth Museum - Bari Modern Art Museum, Italy

“New Women”, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong

“The Dialogue between Time and Life”, Yayi Gallery, Taiwan

“New Power of Chinese Oil Painting”, Guangzhou, China

2000 “Green”, Art Scene China Gallery, Hong Kong

1999 “New Sight-Born in 1970’s”, Beijing International Gallery, Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum, China

1998 “Beauty and Beast”, Spring and Summer Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing, China

“The 9th National Art Exhibition”, China National Museum, Beijing, China

1997 “Towards the New Century - China Youth Oil Painting”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

1995 “Entering”, International Art Gallery, Beijing, China