Xu Jiang
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Professor and doctoral advisor, China Academy of Art

Director, China Academy of Art; Vice – Chairman, China Artists Association; Vice – Chairman, China Oil Painting Association; Chairman, Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles; Chairman, Zhejiang Artists’ Association

August 1955 Born in Fujian Province, China

July 1982 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department, China National Academy of Art

1988 – 1989 Research fellow, Free Arts Department, Hochscule für bildende Künste, Germany

1984 Sixth National Art Exhibition

1987 Beyond the Open Door, U.S.A.

1988 Solo exhibition at the Hochscule für bildende Künste

Solo exhibition at the In Faust Gallery, Hamburg

1989 Hamburg Art Academy 1989 Exhibition and West German International Youth Art

Group Exhibition

Solo exhibition at the Hamburg Kulturforum

Solo exhibition at the Lommel Gallery, Cologne

1990 Young Chinese Art, Saarbr ücken National Museum of Art, Germany

1991 Second New Academic Exhibition, Hangzhou

Catalogue Selected Works of Xu Jiang published

1992 First Annual Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong

Contemporary Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition

Third Documentary Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art

1993 Asia Pacific Triennial, National Gallery, Queensland, Australia

Solo exhibition at Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong; accompanied by publication of the catalogue Four Seasons, Eight Directions

1994 Second Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition; Painting Winter’s End is collected by the National Art Museum of China

Chinese Art Critics’ Annual Nomination Exhibition of Oil Painting, National Art Museum of China

12 Contemporary Chinese Oil Painters, New York and Los Angeles

1995 China’s New Art, Hamburg

Paper, Chess, Art: Works by Xu Jiang and Shi Hui published y the Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

1996 The First Shanghai Biennale

Chinese Modern Art Collection: Xu Jiang published by the Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

Publication of Documents on Figural Expressive Painting

1997 First Scholarly Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art, National Art Museum of China

Great Exhibition of Chinese Art, wins the Lu Sun Art Prize

1998 Sao Paulo Biennale, including the publication of a one-person catalogue

Joint Exhibition of Scenery Paintings by Landscape and Oil Painters

Between Abstraction and Representation: Paintings by Zao Wou-ki, Xu Jiang and Chen Guoqiang, Taipei

1999 Fourteenth International Exhibition of Asian Art, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan

Ninth National Art Exhibition

Macau Reversion Art Exhibition, wins the Silver Prize

2000 Gate of the Century: Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Art 1979 – 1999

Twentieth Century Chinese Oil Painting, National Art Museum of China

Guarding the Homestead: Invitational Exhibition of Oil Fainting, Hangzhou

2001 Travels to Berlin to work for three months at the Bethanien Art Center, holds solo

exhibition Landscapes of History

Two-person exhibition Heaven & Earth: 2 Visions of China, Columbia College

Chicago Glass Curtain Gallery

New Image: Twenty Years of Contemporary Chinese Painting

The First Chengdu Biennial

Reshuffling the Cards: In the Name of Ink and Wash

Living in Time: 29 Chinese Contemporary Artists

Curates and participates in Landscape People: China West Lake International

Sculpture Invitational Exhibition

Organizes and curates Eastern Silk Empire, a major fashion party

2002 Conceptual Images: 2002 Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting

Core of a Century: An Exhibition of 50 Contemporary Chinese Artists

Publishes the major catalogue Contemporary Art and Indigenous Culture: Xu Jiang

(Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House)

Curates and participates in Time as Songs: China West Lake International

Sculpture Invitational Exhibition

Organizes an international conference entitled Phenomenology and Art, a

collaboration between the China National Academy of Art and the China

Phenomenology Association

Named Chairman of the Academic Advisory Committee for the 2002 Shanghai Biennale

2003 Double Time: Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Asian Art

Third Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition

Publishes the catalogues Shanghai Mirages and Urban Views

Named curator-in-chief of Edges of the Earth: Migration of Contemporary Art and Regional Politics of Asia

Named juror for the Third Tehran Biennial

Named juror for the Third Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition

2004 Solo exhibition Shanghai Mirages held at the Shanghai Spring Art Salon;

accompanied by publication of the catalogue On the Earth (Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House)

Alors la Chine? Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

Wuhan First Fine Arts Documentary Nomination Exhibition

Named curator-in-chief of The 2004 Shanghai Biennale: Techniques of the Visible

2005 First International Beijing Biennale; wins outstanding work prize

2005 Chengdu Biennale

Above and Below the Great River: A Retrospective of the New Era of Chinese Oil Painting, National Art Museum of China

Landscape Painting Exhibition of Chinese Ink and Oil Painters

Publishes personal anthologies Vigil of One Meter and Sight-seeing the City (Shanghai Art Publishing House)

Curates a series of activities for the 2005 China Hangzhou International Calligraphic Arts Festival

2006 Major solo exhibition Vistas: The Art of Xu Jiang is held at the National Art

Museum of China, accompanied by a major individual catalogue of the same title (China National Academy of Art Publishing House)

Microcosmos: Chinese Contemporary Art, Macau Art Museum

Intersections of History: Chinese Contemporary Art, National Museum of Art, Tehran

Named Chairman of the Academic Advisory Committee for the Shanghai Biennale