Bi Keyan
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Bi Keyan was born in 1972 in Wen Deng City,Shandong province,China. In 1998 she graduated from the Arts School of Qufu Normal University, and received her Bachelor’s degree of Arts. In 2004 she enrolled herself in Nanjing Institute of Arts to pursue her master's degree , studied from Professor Fang Jun. After graduation from Nanjing, she is teaching in Qufu Normal University in Rizhao. Now she is a guest painter in Painting and Calligraphy Institute in Nanjing.


"Timeless classics",“Chinese Painting”, Contemporary Chinese Painting Invitation Exhibition, Chinese Painting Studio Museum.

“Luomo”School of Ink Painting Nomination Exhibition , Shanghai Maritime Hill Arts Centre


The 12th Nanjing • Daejeon (South Korea) Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Nanjing Arts Museum.

Won the 2007 Wang jialian Visual Arts Award for social practice, Nanjing Institute of Arts.


Contemporary Arts College Students nomination Exhibition for Outstanding Works, Jinri Museum.

The Third Nanjing International Fine Arts Fair, Nanjing.

"Ink spirit" Contemporary Academic Artists Invitation Exhibition, Nanjing.


Contemporary Youth Arts Biennial Exhibition, Shandong.


“Romantic sidelights in March”, Women United Exhibition, Nanjing Luoshen Art Gallery.

New Generation 70-80 young artists exhibition, Nanjing Arts Museum.

Work "blue and white dream" was selected in the third landscapes exhibition in Jiangsu province, Jiangsu Province Art Museum.

Work “Tranquil Fairy Court” was selected in the first rookie exhibition in Jiangsu province, Jiangsu Province Art Museum.

Work “Stopped Cloud in Fairy Court”was selected in Chinese “Beauty in New Jiangsu” exhibition, Jiangsu Province Art Museum.

Upstart - Art Sharon Exhibition for 10 people , Ai Tao Gallery , Hong ya Gallery.


Work " Confucius Hometown map" was selected in National Chinese Painting Exhibition in 2005.

Paper "the shock of grace and wild – Some sparks in my landscape creation" was published in national core journal "Art and Design".


works were selected in Yao and Shun Cup contemporary masters painting invitation exhibition.

Work "Qionglou night rain" was selected in the 10th National Art Exhibition and got Excellence Award