Liu Xiaodong
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1963 Born in China

1988 Bachelor of Fine Arts in oil Painting, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

1995 Master of Fine Arts in oil Painting, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

1998-1999 Study in Academy of Fine Arts, University of Complutense, Madrid, Spain

Solo Exhibitons

2007 “The Richness of Life: The Personal Photographs of Contemporary Chinese Artist Liu

Xiaodong 1984-2006”,Time Zone 8, Beijing

2006 “Liu Xiaodong: Painting from Life”, Art Museum of Guangdong, China

“The Three Gorges Project---Painting by Liu Xiaodong”,Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, U.S.A.

“Hot Bed--a painting project by Liu Xiaodong”,Tang Gallery, Bangkok Tailand

“Liu Xiaodong’s new works: Domino”, Xin Beijing Gallery, Beijing

2005 “Childhood friend getting fat”, LOFT Gallery, Paris

2004 “Three Gorges: Displaced Population&Three Gorges: Newly DisplacedPopulation”,

Chinablue Gallery & CAAW, Beijing

“Eighteen Soldiers Between Mainland and Taiwan”,Bunker Museum of Contemporary Art,Jinmen,Taiwan

2003 “Liu Xiao Dong”, Eslite Gallery, Taiwan

2002 “Liu Xiao Dong”, Art Center of Donghai University, Taiwan

2001 “Liu Xiao Dong”,LOFT Gallery, Paris, France

2000 “Liu Xiao Dong 1990-2000” ,Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

“Liu Xiao Dong”,LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1990 “Liu Xiao Dong”, Gallery of Central Institute of Fine Arts,Beijing

Group Exhibitons

2007 “The Painting of Modern Life”, Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London,UK

“Made in China”,Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Made in China”, Israel Museum, Jerusalum, Israel

“Energy and Character”, China Art Museum, Beijing

“ART LAN @ ASIA”,ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan

“Korea-China Contemporary Art Exhibition--Giants in Illusion”,Korea

2006 “The Blossoming of Realism——The Oil Painting of Mainland China since 1978”

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

“Zones of Contact---2006 Biennale of Sydney”,Sydney, Australia

2005 “History of River---The Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition in New Era”,Art Museum of China, Beijing

“2th Beijing Biennial Art Exhibition”, Art Museum of China, Beijing

“Wang Guangle, Yin Zhaoyang, Men Xinxi, Xia Xiaowan, Liu Xiaodong Art Show” ,Art 110 Gallery, Beijing

“The Wall---Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art”, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing

“Mahjong---Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection”,Bern Museum, Switzerland

“The 2th Chinese Art Triennial” Nanjing, China

2004 “Regeneration: Contemporary Chinese Art from China and the US”,Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, PA, USA

“Dreaming of the Dragon’s Nation---Contemporary Art Exhibition from China”,Irish Museum of Modern Art, Irish

“Feel Memory”,Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China

2003 “Premieres Lueurs Sur L' Orient--L' aventure de la peinture chinoise au 20 Siecle",Palais de la Porte Doree, Paris, France

“Alors, La Chine?”,Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

“1th Beijing Biennial Art Exhibition”,Art Museum of China, Beijing

“3th Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting”, Art Museum of China, Beijing

“An Opening Era”,Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

“The Nude ----Ideal and Reality----From Neoclassicism to Today”,Bologna Modern Art Museum, Italy

2002 “A Decade of Experimental Chinese Art - Guanzhou Triennial”,Art Museum of Guangdong, Guangzhou, China

“Contemporary Chinese Art”,Art Museum of Brazil, San Paulo, Brazil

“Beijing-Paris”,Paris, France

“East+West Chinese Contemporary Art”,Austria

“Contemporary Chinese Art”,Goedhuis Gallery, New York, UAS

2001 “Contemporary Chinese Art”,Singapore Art Musuem, Singapore

“Academic and Un-Academic”,YiBo Gallery, Shanghai, China

“Towards a New Image---1981-2001 Twenty Years of Contemporary Chinese Painting”,

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, China

2000 “Shanghai Spirit--Shanghai Biennial Art Exhibition”,Shanghai, China

“The New Face of China”,Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney, Australia

“China Art in the 20th Century”,Art Museum of China, Beijing

1999 “Gate of Century: 1979-1999”,Modern Art Museum of Chengdu, Chengdu, China

“1999China Art”, LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, USA

“Dong Yu Museum's Collection”,Dong Yu Museum, Shen Yang, China

“Upriver Museum's Collection”,He Xiang-Ning Museum, Shen Zhen, China

1998 “East Meet East in the West”, LIMN Gallery,San Francisco,USA

“Upriver Museum's Collection”,Upriver Museum,Chengdu,China

“Representing The People”,Chinese Arts Centre,London

1996 “Exhibition of the Association of Chinese Oil Painters”,Art Museum of China, Beijing

1995 “Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting from Realism to Post Modernism”,Brussels, Belgium

1994 “Between East and West: Transformation of Chinese Art in the Late 20th Century”,The Discover Museum, CT, USA

“Liu Xiaodong & Yu Hong's works”,OIPCA East Village, New York,USA

“Sketch Exhibition of Chinese Artists”,New York, Beijing, Hongkong and Taiwan

“Transformation”,Mark Tansey studio, New York, NY, USA

1993 “New Art from China: Post 1989”,Marlborough Gallery, London, England

1992 “Post 1989 China Avant-garde Art Exhibition”,Hongkong and Australia

“Art Today in China”,California Art Institute, Valencia,USA

1991 “20th Century China”, Art Museum of China, Beijing

1989 “Chinese Avant-garde Art Exhibition”,Art Museum of China, Beijing

Public Collections

2006 Asian Art Museum, SF USA

2001 Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

1999 Shanghai Art Museum, China

Queensland Art Gallery, Australia

Art Museum of Central Institute of Fine Arts, China

1998 Modern Chinese Art Foundation, Belgium

1997 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA

1995 China Art Gallery, China

1994 Guy and Myriam Ullens Foundation, Switzerland

1993 Fukuoka Gallery, Japan