Li Tianyuan
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Li Tianyuan Born in 1965.

Living in Beijing.

1980-84 Studied in the attached high school of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

1984-88 Studied in the Department of Mural in the Central Academy of Fine Arts.Beijing.

Solo Exhibitions

1993 “Litianyuan.” China National Art Museum

1996 “Litianyuan “Red Gate Gallery,Beijing

2005 “Tianyuan Space Station—Air” Plum Blossom NewYork Hongkong


“Profound Seeing” TS1 Art Center Beijing.

“Litianyuan” Plum Blossom Gallery Hongkong


“Contemplation of Sensibility” Cloud&Sky Photo

Image Gallery Beijing.

“litianyuan” ChinaSquare Art Center.New York.

Group Exhibtions

1989 The 7th National Art Exhibition,Jiangsu Museum of Art.


“The 1st China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition”.Chinese National Historical Museum and Hong Kong Conference center

“Li Tianyuan and Zhao Bandi Painting Exhibition.”Tiandispace.Beijing


“Saga International Art Biennial”, the United Emirates.

“Chinese Contemporary Research Documenta Exhibition” changchun.


“The 2nd Chinese Oil Painting Annual Exhibition”, China National Art Museum.

“MAO 100 Painting Exhibition”, East Village Art Gallery, New York,  the U.S

“Sino-Japanese Modern Painting Exhibition”,ChinaNational Art .Museum


“Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition”, Hong Kong University Art Museum.

“Havana Biennial,”Havana,cuba.


“Chinese Oil Painting From Modernism to Post-modernism”, Brussels,Belgium.

“Chinese Contemporary Art”, Goethe Institute,Beijing.

“Changes—Beijing/Shanghai Avant-Garde Art Exhibition”, Goetburg Art Museum,Sweden.


“Reality:Today and Tomorrow,”International Art Gallery, Beijing.


“In and Out”,Lu Mingde Art Gallery, Singapore.

“The Centennial Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting Portraits”, China National Art Museum

“Chinese Dream,” Chinese Contemporary Art. Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum.


“It′s me! “Palace Museum, Beijing.

“Myths about Beijing”, China contemporary Art Report, the Art Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

“Living! “Yun Feng Art Gallery. Beijing.

“International Art Exhibition”, Paris International Art Community, France.


“New Art”, China Art Archives & Warehouse Beijing Art Documenta, Goethe Institute ,Beijing.

“Art Works Exhibition”, J Gallery, Hong Kong.


“The Third Gender-Net Art”, Beijing.

Beijing Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, Dongyu Gallery, Beijing.

Shangyuan Artists Open Studio Exhibition, Beijing.


Art and Science, International Art Exhibition, China National Art Gallery. Exhibition,Beijing.

“Virtual Future”, Gugdong Art Museum.

“Sino-German New Media Art Exhibition,Loft” New Media Art Space, Beijing, Shanghai.


“Asia Biennial,” Bangladesh.

“Dreams and Portraits”, East Iink Gallery, Shanghai.

“Chinese Plastic Art Exhibition”, Cairo, Egypt.

“Pingyao International Photography Exhibition”,Shanxi.

“Asian Art Exhibition”, Saudi Arabia.

“Bridge-Changchun Contemporary Art Annual Exhibition Invitational Exhibition”, Changchun.

Shangyuan Artists Open Studio Exhibition, Beijing


“landscape”Xray Art Center.Beijing.

“international contemporary drawing art”Xi An academy of fine arts.

“face and body”Tai Kang top space,Beijing, Chelesa gallery,Shanghai


“Between Past and Future”New Photogaphy and Video From China .International Center of Photography,.New York. .Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Seattle Museum of Art


“100artisforamuseum” Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum

“0 Plan”0industrial798 Beijing

“View:Century,Paradise”Chengdu Biennial

“New China Fine Art 1976-2005” China National Art Museum

“Jiangsu Salon Invitation Exhibition”Jiangsu Art Museum


“unclear and clearuess”heyri artfondation. Korea

“5x7” Pingyao International Photography Exhibition,

“Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China”House of World Cultures in Berlin.


“Dragon’s Evolution”ChinaSquare.Art Center New York.

“China's Next Wave”galerie travers Munich,


The 1st China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition.

Painting Yan Zi won the Golden Prize. Chinese National Historical Museum and Hong Kong Conference center

Works Public Collection

Hong kong University Art Museum. Guangdong Art Museum. Tsing Hua University. International Center of Photography,.New York. Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum Italy.