Luo Mingjun
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born in China in 1963, live in Switzerland

1979 - 1983Fine Arts, Normal University, Hunan, China

1983 Bachelor of Arts

1983 - 1987Assistant lecturer, Fine Arts faculty, Normal University, Hunan


1993Berner Galerie, Bern CH

1998Kunstkeller, Bern CH

2000Kunstkeller, Bern CH

2001Espace Libre, Centre PasquArt, Biel CH

2004Kunstkeller, Bern CH

2005Galerie des Amis des Arts, Neuchâtel CH

2006Liaowen’s studio, Beijing China


1980Exhibition of Hunan, China

19846th chinese national exhibition, Shenyang China

Exhibition of young artists from Hunan, Changsha China

1985 - 1986Founder of the « 0 Art Group » and participant at this exhibition, Changsha China

1992« Berner Biennale » 1992 - Centre PasquArt, Biel CH

1997 - 1998Exchange exhibition « Biel-Geneva », « Geneva-Biel » CH

1998« Bourse Aeschlimann », Art museum of Thun CH

1999«Change directory», Kunsthalle Bern CH

«Skulptur 99», Bern CH

2002Open02 Temple allemand, Biel CH

Skulptur’02, Bern CH

«Joli mois de Mai», Visarte, Biell CH

« Bourse Aeschlimann », Art museum of Moutier CH

2003Intervention: «Fest der Künste», Bern CH

2004«Collective Exhibition » in Centre PasquArt Biel / Art museum of Moutier CH

2005« Ten women artists » Pingyao international photography Festival China

«Joli mois de Mai», Visarte, Biel

2006«Collective exhibition » Art museum of Moutier. CH / Centre PasquArt Biel CH


1984Hunan province prize, China

1994Prize : « Bourse Anderfuhren » Biel CH

1996Prize : « Bourse Anderfuhren » Biel CH

COLLECTED BY:City of Biel. - City of Bern - Province of Berne - Bank of Bern - SRG SSR Idée Suisse


A history of china modern Art 1979 -1989, Lu peng, Yi dan

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Go and bake1997-1998 Text : H. Cagnard

Berner Agenda/15th January 1998 Text : K. Tobler

Kunst Bulletin 1999, No.4 « Change directory »

Change directory. Project for exposition of Culture and Development

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Kunstkeller Bern, Text : H. Cagnard, D. Freiburghaus, A. Zwez