Liao Yu
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Born in Hunan in 1978, graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Bachelor degree.

Moved in Beijing Shucun in 2000, participated in underground music activities;

Moved in Beijing Nangao Plastic No.3 Plant “Modern Fine Arts Tribe”for painting and independent music composition in Dec. 2001;

2001, established the experimental improvisational music band - "Free Extension";

Oct. 2004- Dec. 2006, worked for the China Fine Arts Museum. He was the

editor, journalist and columns master of the China Art Gallery. He participated in the academic discussion activities of the fine art.

Feb. 2005, he established his personal studio - "TRANSFORM STUDIO", in Yanjiao, Hebei Province and was dedicated to multimedia creation which combined painting and music;

Mar. 2006, the studio was moved to Hugezhuang, Songzhuang, Beijing;

Nov. 2006, Moved in Beijing Songzhuang Left-Right Arts Area, continued to look for energy transform between paint and music. Independently created a music brand “Travelling”and independently made individual album TRANSFORM·LY by himself;

Feb. 2007, participated in “Internal expression—modern paint new spirit art exhibition” [Beijing Imperial City Art Gallery]

March 2007, bass player of “On The Road” band;

April 2007, worked for China Animation Association, chief editor of China Animation, focusing on China new media arts development trends;

Aug 2007, one of planners of “99 Tents, 99 Dreams”—Arts Beijing, Left-Right Art Zone Peripheral Exhibition;

Sep 2007, participating in the “Left-Right Art Gallery First Invitation Expo”— [Beijing Songzhuang Left-Right Art Gallery];

Nov. 2007, one of expo planners of “Image Photo expo of 99 Tents, 99 Dreams”;

March 2008, Images and Interpretations -An exhibition of works by Wang Jie, Liao Yu, and Dongfang Yuming [Beijing Songzhuang Left-Right Art Gallery];