Tian Yibin
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Born in 1963,Daqing,China

Graduated from the 7th High School

Live in Beijing now



“Knowledge is power”Contemporary Exhibition,

Xidan Book Edifice,Beijing,China

2005.11 “Drift”SOHO456 Gallery,New York,USA


“As changeable as the moon;blow hot and cold”

Contemporary Exhibition, TS1 Songzhuang,Beijing,China


“Images of North Korea, 2005”Sole Exhibition,

New York University,USA


“Dance Across the 38 Parallel”Solo Exhibition

AnniArt Gallery 798,Beijing,China

2006.04 Suo Jia Cun International Art Base "Stay"Openning Exhibition


“Transient Expression”Exhibition,Rockefeller University,

New York,USA


“Pyongyang Report”Photography Exhibition,

Book House,Seoul,Korea

2006.08 “Asia Art Festival”Busan,Korea

2006.08 Qingzhou International Plastic Arts Exhibition

2006.08 The First Sound Gallery“Innuendo”Personal Exhibition


“Dance Acr oss the 38 Parallel”Pingyao International

Photography Festival,China

2006.10 Beijing TS1 Contemporary Personal Exhibition

2006.10 New Chinese Occidentalism –China Contemporary Art in Beijing

2006.10 “Eating” ----Acontemporory Art Group Performance

2006.11 Finding·Seeing----Contemporary Artists' Sight Art Exhibition

2006.11 Acceleration Secret----Exhibition of Huantie Art Distric

2006.12 “2006·China Contemporary Art Records Exhibition”

2007.03 Beijing Seeing No.1 Exhibition

2007.03 Beijing Guan Yintang Art Gruop, Personal Exhibition

2007.04 Beijing Double Tracks Exhibition

2007.05 Huantie International Art Exhibition

2007.05 China Atmosphere*Huantie Times Contemporary Art Display

2007.05 Asia Culture Incubating International FineArt Exhibition

2007.05 China International Art Exhibition, Beijing

2007.08 Visit Artist Exhibition, Beijing

2007.08 Asia Art International Exhibition, Korea

2007.11 Beijing Korea Culture Center,Time axis,Images Exhibition

2007.11 The First Asia Art Festival of New York, New York

2008 04 "Asia Context" China and South Korea Contemporary Artists Exhibition,beijing