Li Xiaofei
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1973 Born in Hunan

1998 Graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Living and working in Shanghai

Group Exhibitions


Self-taught Society - Exhibition in Deviation Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai China

FCA —129 Guest Contemporary Art Exhibitions Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai China

Creek Art 2.0 – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Creek Art, Shanghai

2006 “Gaodanghuo – from the Shanghai” Contemporary Art Exhibition, the New Triumph Art, Paris, France


MMAC Multimedia Art Festival, Fukushima, Japan

East Wind-West Wind" Hi-Shanghai, Creek Art, Shanghai, China


Matchmaking at Suzhou Creek, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai

VIPER International Film, Video, New Media Arts Festival, Basel, Switzerland


City Net Asia, Seoul, Korea

“Cloudy & Sunny”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai


“In Shanghai”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai

“Happy Time---Born in 1973”, Shanghai

“City Light” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou

“Mushroom Cloud, or Utopia” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai

2001 “Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition”, LiuHaiSu Art Museum, Shanghai

2000 “Six-People Joint Exhibition”, Huashan Art, Shanghai

1999 “City Beautiful – 99 Oil Paintings in Shanghai with a new invitation show Sharon as”, a big Shanghai Academy of Art Gallery, Shanghai