Huang Yan
Resume Info Exhibitions Artworks Comments Video/interview

1966 Born in Jilin, Jilin Province

1987 Graduated from the Changchun Normal Academy, Jilin Province

Solo Exhibitions

2007 Move No.2 — Huang Yan’s Solo Exhibition Open Realization Art Center

2007 Move No.3 — Huang Yan’s Solo Exhibition MUST BE CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER

2007 Huang Yan Solo exhibition,Hotel Eden Rock, Saint Barth Island


Huang Yan Solo exhibition,VIPS International Art Galleries, Holland

Huang Yan Solo exhibition, Xin Dong Cheng international art studio, Beijing

Huang Yan ‘Zen painting’ Must be art center, Beijing


Huang Yan, Marella Gallery, Beijing

Huang Yan, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London

Huang Yan ‘Percipience’ Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2004 Huang Yan, Marella Space Project1, Como


Huang Yan, Landscape Story, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

Huang Yan, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London/Beijing

Huang Yan, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2002 Mountains and Rivers Spirit, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai


Conceptual Images By Huang Yan, Proper Art Gallery, Shenyang

Return to Tradition, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

1999 The Ideal Image of Huang Yan, Proper Art Gallery, Shenyang

1998 Poetry Art of Huang Yan (1992-1998), Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing


Poetry Art of Huang Yan, Proper Art Gallery, Shenyang

Poetry Art of Huang Yan, Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2007 The Power Of The Universe Exhibition of Frontier Contemporary Chinese Art Beijing

2007 Made in Beijing Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

2007 ‘Made in Beijing’ Academic Exhibition – Korean Hong Ik University Modern Fine Arts Museum

2007 Beijing BS1 Contemporary Museum 2007 Nomination Exhibition Shanghai Zhu Qizhan Art Museum


Contemporary China: Codes, visions and representations of the contemporary Chinese art, Rome Italy

New Chinese Porcelain Art Finland

Venice Beinnale P.P.P Performative – Paper Project Venice

Contemporary photography from China zhuyi! China!, ARTIUM, Espana

“We Are Your Future”, the Second Moscow Biennale, Russia


Shanghai “Feng Shui” artistic activity, Zendai Mandarin Palace Villa District, Shanghai

Northeast Contemporary Art Exhibition,Guangdong Museum of Art

‘Post Electronic Image’ Must Be Art Center, Beijing

‘Relic’Exhibition, Irrawaddy art center, Chicago

‘Old and well-known family from Photography

-- Father、Son and I,Photography Group Exhibition’ Must Be Art Center, Beijing

‘Boundless Pause’ Sculpture Exhibition, Must Be Art Center, Beijing

May 13 ‘Soldiers at the gates – China/Chai-na’ Architecture Art Exhibition,

706 East Space, Beijing, China


Anthology Film Archives, New York


Critical-2ZeroField, Beijing

Dec. 9 ‘The Other End’ Contemporary Experimental Art and Design Exhibition,

He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen

Post Factory-Come and Gone, Beijing

100 International Artists in Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Italy

Out of the Red –ll The Photographic Session, Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy

Between Past and Future, Seattle Art Museum,

-Seattle and Victoria and Albert Museum, Chicago

‘Forge The Fable’ Li Xiangqun studio, Beijing

‘Ceramics’ Must Be Art Center, Beijing

‘Post Calligraphy’ Must Be Art Center, Beijing


Between Past and Future, International Center of Photography, NYC

1st Guangzhou Triennal, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Guangzhou,China,

The Body Everywhere, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseille

Between Past and Future, New Photography and Video from China,

Asia Society and International Center of Photography, New York

Officinal Asia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bologna, Italy


Paolo Image Biennale, Sao Paolo

China-Israel Image Art Exhibition, Israeli Embassy, Beijing

Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shangyuan Art Center, Beijing

Prague Biennale, Prague

Ceramic Art Exhibition, Guangdong Art Gallery, Guangdong

Italian International Video Art Festival, Rome

Polish International Video Art Festival. Warsaw, Poland

Shenzhen Video Art Festival, Shenzhen

Go Marketing, Shangri-La Art Commune, Beijing

Out of the Red-China Art Now, Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy


First Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou

Israeli International Image Biennale, Israel

Chuangchun International Independent Image Exhibit, Changchun

Amplification: New Media Art, Beijing University, Beijing

Dream Creation: Portrait with Others, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai

Adelaide International Art Festival, Adelaide


Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art. Chengdu

Charming China, Space Contemporary Art, Bangkok

Virtual Future, Guangdong Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou

Digital Arts Festival, Loft New Medium Art Center, Beijing.

Hot Pot Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Kunstnemes Hus, Oslo

Red Hot: A Special Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

Re-Shuffle, Shenzhen Sculpture Institute, Shenzhen.

Chinese Contemporary Art, Berlin


Xieyang Island performance Art Festival, Guangxi.

The Door of the Century,


Chinese Art Exhibition, Chengdu.

Focus, Chinese Contemporary, London

Fuck Off, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai

Portrait, Figurees, Couples and Groups, Bizart Space, Shanghai

Everyday Attitude, Upriver Gallery, Chengdu

China’s Charming, Eastink Gallery, Shanghai.


The Traditional Visual Image, Shanghai

Truths to Open, Bangkok University, Bangkok&Beatus Gallery, Vancouver


Traditional and Anti-traditional Art, German Embassy, Beijing

Obstinate Art Show, Beijing


New Image, Beijing Theatre, Beijing


Post-89, New Art of China, Marlborough Gallery, London

Photography’s and Prints by Huang Yan and 8 Other Artists, Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong

1992 First Biennial Exhibition of Chinese Art in the 1990s, Guangzhou

1991 Beijing Xi-san-huan: Chinese Art Documentaries, Beijing